High Efficiency Modular Rectifier System for Industrial environments.


TEBECHOP 3000 SE – Rectifier Systems

BENNING, the leading global power supply manufacturer, is proud to announce the new TEBECHOP 3000 SE rectifier range which provides a robust, modular rectifier system that is specifically designed for use in industrial environments. The efficient conversion technology in combination with the wide operational parameters ideally suits the conditions found in industrial environments such as the petrochemical industry, energy distribution, automation technology and highways where environmental management often is an issue. The TEBECHOP 3000 SE rectifier offers reduced operating costs due to its very low heat dissipation and high operating efficiency (even under partial load conditions) module design.
TEBECHOP 3000 SE’s “plug and play” technology helps to reduce service costs as first level maintenance can be carried out by site personnel, which is also an important consideration for restricted access sites or for sites in extremely remote locations. System “rightsizing” and “pay as you grow” scalability (of up to 100 modules) will future proof the initial investment whilst the ability to operate in a parallel redundant (n+r) configuration will maximise system availability.

Essential characteristics of the TEBECHOP 3000 SE rectifier system:

  • module MTBF > 350,000 hours
  • designed for industrial environments
  • cost savings due to high efficiency: less heat losses, less cooling demand
  • DC/DC functionality included
  • high short circuit current capability
  • low volume and weight
  • reliable, modular, hot-plug technology
  • scalable output power up to 300kW
  • low output ripple
  • excellent dynamic performance
  • wide input voltage window
  • wide operating temperature range
  • active power factor correction
  • flexible operation (with or without battery)
  • system monitoring with MCU 3000
  • remote monitoring via modem, HTML or SNMP, Modbus or Profibus, IEC61850, ....
TEBECHOP 3000 SE, efficiency vs. output power
TEBECHOP 3000 SE, efficiency vs. output power

High energy efficiency even at partial loads

The new TEBECHOP 3000 SE rectifier systems not only uses state of the art conversion technology and modern communication methods, they also contribute to climate protection due to their excellent en- ergy efficiency. The efficiency of the TEBECHOP 3000 SE exceeds 96% with only slight reductions in the partial load range.
This leads to a lower power dissipation, reduces the cooling requirements and reduces the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). TEBECHOP 3000 SE gives a class leading return on investment.

Modularity for demanding industrial applications

For decades BENNING has supplied large numbers of modular rectifiers and inverters into various industrial applications. These modular systems have proved their worth due to their high availability and excellent serviceability. Benning has used all of its ex- tensive experience and expertise in designing systems for use in the challenging conditions found in industrial applications to make the TEBECHOP 3000 SE module the most robust modular rectifier available in the market place.

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