E-Mobility ...

... the Key to Climate-Friendly Mobility

DC-Rapid Charging Modules
Configurable for Cars, Trucks and Buses

E-mobility Anforderung

Traction Chargers
for Battery-Powered Forklift Trucks

E-mobility Anforderung

BENNING Solutions for E-Mobility

  • Battery monitoring
  • Status indicator
  • Data logger
  • Bidirectional data transfer
  • sinusoidal current consumption and excellent power factor
  • low ripple charging current
  • comply with the EMC limits for domestic and industrial areas
  • multivoltage function
  • efficiency of ≥ 92 %
  • specially developed for charging LIONIC® energy systems
  • three-phase rapid charging modules and systems
  • highly efficient and fail-safe
  • flexibly configurable for passenger cars, trucks and buses
  • Wall-boxes 30 / 60 kW DC (with option of 22 kW AC)
  • Charging system 180 kW DC (with an option of 22 kW AC)
  • Split systems 480 kW DC (with option of 22 kW AC)
  • designed for industrial, mobile and stationary applications
  • lower operating costs
  • fast and chargeable
  • longer lifetime with Q-Leveling
  • extends the battery life
  • reduces maintenance costs
  • Turnkey-Services
  • operation and maintenance services
  • 24/7 hotline
    • monitoring and remote services
    • on-site technical services
    • training
  • for lasting security and maximum availability of your systems and operational processes
  • economic
  • less overloading of the battery
  • wide range of applications
  • voltage-, continuity and phase sequence tester
  • digital-multimeter and digital clamp meter
  • installation- and device testers
  • measuring devices for photovoltaic

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