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Obtain Maximum Availability

  • by avoiding system-relevant risk
  • by avoiding complex maintenance and repair procedures
  • by avoiding insufficient consideration of environmental damages
Telecommunications Challenge - Insufficient Availability

Our Solution

  • robust systems
  • immun against environmental impacts
  • first level service possible by customer
  • high MTBF
  • low MTTR
Telecommunications Solution - Max. Availability

Achieve Excellent Power Quality

  • to avoid loss of production and risk for people and assets
  • to avoid disturbances and damages within the electrical infrastructure
  • to avoid disturbances and damages within the IT infrastructure and electrical control systems
  • to avoid destructive cost increasing effects and shortens lifetime
Telecommunications Challenge - Insufficient Power Quality

Our Solution

  • reliable and clean power conversion
  • to be safe from disturbances caused by
    • harmonics or overvoltage
    • unbalanced grid
    • spikes, transients or brown outs
    • EMC influences (...)
Telecommunications Solution - Excellent Power Quality

Realize a Fast ROI (Return on Invest)

  • by preventing high operating costs owing to
    • complex maintenance and repair procedures
    • low energy efficiency
  • by avoiding high investment-, installation- and service-costs
Telecommunications Challenge - High Overall Costs

Our Solution

Low overall cost due to

  • extension when needed (pay as you grow)
  • excellent energy efficiency
  • low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
Telecommunications Solution - Fast ROI

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BENNING Solutions for Telecommunications

  • Turnkey-Services
  • operation and maintenance services
  • 24/7 hotline
    • monitoring and remote services
    • on-site technical services
    • training

power of the modules:
2000 W

output voltages:
43.2 V - 57.6 V

97 %

power of the modules:
800 W, 2000 W

output voltages:

  • for lasting security and maximum availability of your systems and operational processes

power of the module:
13.500 W

output voltages:

  • increased energy efficiency
  • lower investment costs compared to new systems
  • improved system availability
  • voltage-, continuity and phase sequence tester
  • digital-multimeter and digital clamp meter
  • installation- and device testers
  • measuring devices for photovoltaic

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Domodedovo town,
microdistrict Severny,
"BENNING" estate, bldg.1
142000 Moscow Region
Russian Federation

RUS OOO BENNING Power Electronics
Филиал в г. Санкт-Петербург

+7 812 346 43 66



197136, РФ, г. Санкт-Петербург,
ул. Ординарная, д.20, лит.А, пом. 12Н

RUS OOO BENNING Power Electronics
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RUS OOO BENNING Power Electronics
Cлужба технической поддержки

+7 (495) 967 68 50 222



142000, РФ,
г. Домодедово, микрорайон Северный,
владение «Беннинг»,
стр. 1

RUS OOO BENNING Power Electronics
Филиал в г. Новосибирск

+ 7 383 219 52 10



630087, РФ, г. Новосибирск,
ул. Немировича-Данченко, д.165, офис 324