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Sustainability, Safety, and Efficiency through continual Innovation

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Sustainability, Safety, and Efficiency through Innovations

For more than half a century, BENNING products have improved the safe and efficient utilization of energy resources. Innovative solutions for the conversion of energy in multi-purpose or energy storage continue to motivate us as a company.

BENNING is known worldwide as a "quality leader" for reliable and efficient power supplies for the Telecommunications, Industrial, Medical and IT industries.

The Product Range

The product range includes test and measurement products, rectifier and inverter systems, DC-DC converters, UPS-systems, OEM power supplies, chargers for traction batteries and the repair of electrical machines up to 120 t.

World Wide Competence

BENNING has established a worldwide presence to assemble, sell, and service battery chargers and power systems.
BENNING provides technical competence, quality support, and service to all customers.

Designing products for tomorrow – Innovations “Made in Germany“
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Our global market presence requires power solutions for a variety of customer requirements. The development of efficient, cost effective, and fail-safe products requires the continuous expansion of our R & D resources.

BENNING does not compromise on development and manufacturing quality, including:

Efficient production methods and computer-controlled test systems are part of cost-effective manufacturing.

The populated printed circuit boards (PCBs) are checked using in-circuit testers. Adapters scan the PCBs, compare the result with default values, and detects any incorrect insertions, failures, short circuits or variations of electrical values within seconds.

Modern computer controlled test equipment enables optimized testing of power supplies. Any errors are recorded in an error protocol.

Custom Solutions

Battery-backed DC and AC power supplies, used in the energy, railway and industrial sectors, are produced in the heavy equipment production facility.

Rectifier and inverter systems used in earthquake areas have to be designed to meet special requirements. BENNING supplies these systems in special cabinets which are tested and approved for this application.

Modular product concepts for maximum reliability/serviceability

A partnership with BENNING includes, in addition to the supply of innovative power solutions, several service packages.


Many BENNING products are designed in a modular way, which allows for reduced downtime for repairs and higher reliability over the life of the product.

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