International Purchasing

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International Purchasing

Dependable products and continued innovation throughout the history of BENNING have led to successful operations in various international markets. This is possible thanks to stable and reliable supplier relationships.

It is always BENNING´s purchasing department's aim to enter into efficient and successful long-term partnerships with suppliers. Our strategy is market oriented, and the same is expected from BENNING´s suppliers.

In spite of declining market prices and increasing business competition, our company is compelled to comply with the technological demands of our customers, which can evolve over time. To guarantee this, BENNING makes efforts to continually improve our purchasing process, and is constantly considering the global supply market to provide the highest level of value to our customers.

Our suppliers are a pivotal part of BENNING being able to achieve and maintain a top position in the power supply market.

As such, BENNING must focus on the most efficient suppliers that provide the best value to the customer.

BENNING selects suppliers that exhibit exceptional quality management, delivery and contract loyalty, as well as consistent innovation.


Suppliers are selected based on the following criteria:

  • competitive pricing
  • excellent communications and internal organization
  • low price variability / dependable pricing
  • competence in development, production, and technology associated with BENNING products
  • certified QM-system ISO EN 9001, QS900 or DIN ISO TS 16949
  • in accordance with ISO 14001
  • logistical competence
Management Strategic Suppliers
Management Strategic Suppliers

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