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BENNING Products Achieve National Grid Type Registration

National Grid Power Sources


BENNING UK, the industrial power protection provider, today announced that parts of its Enertronic UPS and Invertronic inverter ranges have achieved National Grid Type Registration. Following satisfactory National Grid assessment and testing, the Enertronic P and Invertronic inverter systems were confirmed as meeting the National Grid Technical Specifications (NGTS) and had achieved the much coveted Type Registration status.

BENNING products achieved National Grid Type Registration in conjunction with the company’s involvement in the Western Link HVDC project. This project enables the transmission of renewable energy, generated in Scotland, from Scotland to Wales to help satisfy the energy demands of England and Wales. A converter station in Hunterston, Scotland converts AC grid voltage into high voltage DC which is carried via an underground high voltage cable and 385km of subsea cable to a second converter station in Deeside, Wales where it is converted back into AC grid voltage for onward transmission.

BENNING UK was the chosen supplier to provide its robust, industrial three phase Enertronic P UPS and Invertronic inverter systems to support the cooling systems within the converter stations. The power protection company was selected for this project due to its prior extensive experience of working in HVDC link projects and having a product offering which best met the National Grid’s technical and commercial requirements.

Through meeting the National Grid Technical Specifications (NGTS), installers and contractors are assured that BENNING’s products are fit to meet the standards necessary for National Grid application.

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