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BENNING UK Releases InfraRack: An 8kW Telecoms Power Supply System

BENNING 8kw InfraRack

Today BENNING UK, the power protection and conversion specialist, announced the UK launch of InfraRack – the latest development in the company’s range of robust, modular DC UPSs designed for telecom and sensitive equipment applications. The design concept of the InfraRack makes it simple to deploy, highly flexible and extremely efficient – all characteristics now demanded in the rapidly changing and competitive telecoms industry.

State of the art circuit topology and the use of latest electrical components enable the InfraRack design to be extremely compact. The InfraRack is comprised of up to four ‘hot plug’ BENNING SLIMLINE SE rectifier modules, used to convert an AC input into a 48V or 60V DC voltage. The highly flexible nature of the product provides the capability to add, remove, and replace rectifier modules at any time without the risk of compromising or interrupting the power supply. Additionally, the modules can be figured in an N+1 redundant configuration to enhance system reliability.

If system remote monitoring and control are required, a BENNING MCU 2500 monitoring and control module can be integrated into the InfraRack. The MCU 2500 offers real-time feedback of critical system parameters and alarm events – further enhancing system availability. The system can also be connected directly to a laptop or PC through a number of interface options, and for transmission of the MCU-log to a computer at a control station, an integrated TCP/IP Adapter can be installed.

To ensure fast installation, BENNING’s InfraRack is housed within a standard 19 inch frame, and is available in both indoor and outdoor versions. To substantially reduce installation and assembly time, the indoor open modular base-frame is light enough for two people to fit and has a variable height that can be adjusted at the time of installation. The outdoor system is designed to be highly robust and its IP55 compartment makes it suitable for even the most challenging environments. Integrated heating in the equipment sections, forced ventilation and the fact that the outdoor unit runs quietly further enhance the InfraRack’s deployment possibilities.

Key features:

  • IP55 equipment compartment (outdoor version)
  • 19” rack configuration
  • MCU 2500 (monitoring control unit)
  • Separate operator equipment section
  • Mains distribution (optional)
  • Multiple height options
  • Up to 4 off 2kW rectifiers (48V or 60V)
  • Load and battery distribution panel
  • Battery compartment

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