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BENNING UK launches Enertronic S: Modular, single-phase UPS for industrial applications


BENNING UK today announced the launch of the Enertronic S – the latest addition to the company’s dedicated range of industrial UPS products. Covering single-phase outputs from 1.25 to 10kVA, the cost-effective and scalable Enertronic S is targeted at the utilities, oil & gas, transport, telecommunication, industrial process and automation industries.

The Enertronic S is a true on-line tower configuration UPS, consisting of up to eight parallelable power boards within a single unit. Each power board offers an output of 1.25kVA for a maximum total system output of 10kVA (single phase). Manual bypass, extended battery autonomies, RS232 and volt-free communications options complete an already impressive specification.

Key to the Enertronic S’ affordability and flexibility is the product’s ability to offer users a “pay as you grow” approach to managing the UPS’ capacity. This is achieved through the quick and easy addition or removal of modules in order to match the UPS’ capacity to the size of the critical load. As power demands increase, the system can be expanded to ensure there is always adequate capacity to manage any site power quality issues without the need to over-specify the system at the time of initial purchase.

The Enertronic S boasts true modular construction, with each power board comprising its own inbuilt rectifier, inverter, controller and static bypass switch effectively eliminating any single points of failure. The true modular design of the Enertronic S also enables a very low ‘Mean Time to Repair’ (MTTR) thereby maximising system, and hence load power, availability.

The Enertronic S can also be operated in a parallel redundant N+1 configuration by fitting one more power board (+1) than the critical load (N)requires. In such a configuration, in the event of a power board problem the UPS will continue to operate in true on-line mode until the problem power board is replaced. Furthermore, the power board can be quickly replaced without disruption to the critical load.

Key features of the Enertronic S

  • Input power factor > 0,99
  • THDI < 3 %
  • Static and manual bypass
  • Class A/B (immunity/emission)
  • Extended battery autonomy
  • Input frequency auto sense
  • Noise level < 40 dBA
  • Long life battery control
  • RS232 and volt free contact

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