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BENNING UK Launches New Modular UPS System for Industrial Applications – the ENERTRONIC Modular SE




BENNING UK, the power protection and conversion specialist, today announced the launch of the Enertronic Modular SE, a new, modular three-phase UPS system – specifically designed to meet the most demanding industrial applications.

A major disturbance in the supply of energy can have disastrous consequences for almost all industrial market sectors, especially for those operating sensitive ICT and production equipment. Businesses within the datacentre, process, telecommunications, utility and transportation industries are particularly susceptible, leading BENNING UK to focus its research and development on the unique industrial requirements these industries face. In response, BENNING has developed Enertronic Modular SE – a truly modular, highly flexible three-phase UPS system. The Enertronic SE combines class leading availability and highest power quality with no single point of failure and the lowest running costs due to the system’s high operating efficiency and ‘pay as you grow’ scalability.

As each UPS module is a highly efficient double conversion, serial on-line UPS utilising decentralised parallel architecture, the Enertronic Modular SE system has no single point of failure. UPS modules can be paralleled together for vertical scalability, as well as paralleled horizontally in multiple cabinets to achieve up to 1,000kW power capacity. This flexibility provides customers with the lowest achievable ‘total cost of ownership’ as the power protection system can be right-sized to the current size of the load, with additional protection delivered through various redundancy configurations, as and when required.

The (up to) 40kW modules can be rapidly ‘hot-swapped’, ensuring very low mean time to repair (MTTR) which, when coupled with BENNING’s industrial grade reliability, enables an unprecedented ‘six nines’ availability for an industrial UPS.

If highest operating efficiency is more important to the user than highest power quality the Enertronic Modular SE has a user selectable ‘Super Efficiency’ mode, which can achieve an operating efficiency of 99%.

“We wanted to design a highly efficient power protection system which is truly focused on the needs of industrial applications – something that is unlike anything already available,” states David Bond, Managing Director BENNING UK.

“The new Enertronic Modular SE is a state-of-the art solution, providing operators with class leading system availability, highest power quality and the option to right-size their system with a modular redundant configuration. This, combined with efficiency of up to 99% lowers the system’s total cost of ownership - a real game changer in this marketplace,” Bond added.



  • Very low mean time to repair
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • ‘Hot swap’ modularity
  • Scalability
  • ‘Super efficiency’ mode with up to 99% efficiency
  • UPS with ‘six nines’ (99.9999%) availability
  • Modular self-configuration for N+1 redundancy
  • Decentralised parallel architecture
  • Minimised operational footprint with a power density of up to 415kW/m2
  • Over-specified components to extend working-life



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