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A dependable power supply for the world’s third largest chemical company.

BENNING ensures that the Norwegian ethylene manufacturer, Noretyl AS, can achieve trouble-free gas production.

A dependable power supply for the world’s third largest chemical company.
A dependable power supply for the world’s third largest chemical company.
ENERTRONIC I with optional touch panel
ENERTRONIC I with optional touch panel

To accelerate the ripening process of different types of fruit and vegetables, many food wholesalers use ethylene (often called ethane). When used in ripening chambers, this colourless gas increases the rate at which green bananas turn yellow. By regularly replacing the ethylene in the air surrounding the fruit, the process is slowed down. Particularly during long transport periods, common practices such as this mean that certain fruits can be perfectly ripe at the time they are sold, so it’s not surprising that this ‘miracle product’ is in high demand.

Over 150 million metric tonnes of ethylene per year are produced worldwide – with a rising trend. And Noretyl AS will no doubt have noted these developments with pleasure. At its headquarters in the Norwegian town of Stathelle, it has been operating a factory for producing ethylene and propylene gas since 2000. As a subsidiary of INEOS Group Holdings SA, Noretyl AS is part of the world’s third largest chemicals company, which currently has 65 production units in 16 countries.

Key importance of uninterrupted operation

In order to win through against the powerful competition in ethylene and propylene production for the petrochemical industry, Noretyl AS is not solely dependent on high-grade plant and machinery. Of equal importance is having a dependable power supply system to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the factory’s core units. If production stops it would take several days to start it up again – a scenario that would result in considerable financial losses.

In Noretyl AS’s search for an experienced co-operation partner, capable of fully meeting their requirements, a decision was finally made in favour of BENNING.

Analytical report based on a convincing solution approach

BENNING won the order due to its long-term collaboration with INEOS in Germany: “The pivotal factor in this decision was, above all, BENNING’s comprehensive response to our enquiry in May 2014,” said Lars Riback, Managing Director of BENNING Sweden.

Through this analytical report, BENNING showed conclusively how it would be possible to cope with the specific need for a low voltage drop in the event of a short circuit
occurring. Riback further explained that this reaction inspired considerable trust from the client – especially because, according to information from Noretyl AS, no other solution concepts of this type were available on the market.

In June 2014, only one month after the order was placed, Noretyl AS was provided with a first offer for four 1000 kVA UPS systems. In December, the scope of the project was enlarged to include a dual 230V AC distribution system.
A further enquiry followed in May 2015, with intensive and detailed discussions during the summer 2015 regarding technical implementation, in which the production in Bocholt started in August.

Minimum voltage drop as a particular challenge

A particular challenge within the project was the client’s specification that, in the event of a short circuit on the secondary side of the load transformers, the voltage on the main bus bar should not drop by more than 10%. To meet this requirement, the load transformers would have to be sufficiently ‘soft’, so that they wouldn’t transfer the short circuit through to the main bus bar, but they’d also have to be sufficiently ‘hard’ not to fall below the voltage threshold under nominal loading.

Delivery within 20 months of the first enquiry

In February this year, approximately 20 months after the first enquiry from Noretyl AS, the complete system was already delivered. This includes four UPS systems type ENERTRONIC 1 (3-1-100 kVA) for bypass transformers (100 kVA), one Side A distribution system (with 7-18 kVA load transformers), and one Side B distribution system (with 17-18 kVA load transformers).
The delivered system provides an uninterrupted power supply of 230V AC for the most important functions throughout the whole factory. It possesses the desired technical characteristics for fast delivery of the necessary short circuit current, while not allowing the voltage at the output from the UPS to drop by more than 10%.

This clever combination of UPS characteristics and load transformers made the project a complete success, and is further proof that BENNING possesses the necessary know-how to develop and implement customised solutions for its clients.

Measures for simplifying and improving modern life

INEOS manufactures petrochemicals, special chemicals and oil products worldwide. A total of 15 business divisions produce the raw materials for different products that help to improve and simplify modern life. These include, for example, solvents for producing insulin and antibiotics or synthetic oils designed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in road traffic. The group HQ of INEOS is in the Swiss town of Rolle (Vaud).

Further Information

contact: Lars Riback
telephone: +46 8 623 95 01

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