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BENNING develops innovative OEM power adaptor for medical technology

For more than 30 years, the name BENNING has represented high-performance OEM power supplies specially designed for the tough demands of the medical technology sector.

The newly developed M7.3 Plus power supply unit has three output connections (see image above).
The newly developed M7.3 Plus power supply unit has three output connections (see image above).

The average life expectancy in Germany continues to increase. In 2000, it was around 77 years. This has risen to over 81 years since then. The development is largely a result of the advances in medical technology with innovative devices and machines ensuring that patients receive increasingly safe, efficient and comfortable care. One of the effects is a significant decrease in the workload of hospital staff.

Medical technology is subject to stringent safety standards. An essential requirement here is a guaranteed uninterrupted power supply. Fluctuating power and power outages may result in interruption of medical care with potentially severe consequences for patients. For more than 30 years, BENNING – one of the leading producers of synchronised OEM power supplies – has been developing highperformance power supply units specially designed for the tough demands of medical technology applications. These products stand out for two reasons. Firstly, their high quality and excellent reliability meet both national and international safety (EN 60950, UL/CUL 1950 and IEC 60601-1) and (EN 55022-B) EMC standards. Secondly, the hardware and software are tailored to the individual requirements of each customer, which means that each power supply unit has its own specific layout and software design. According to the technical specifications provided, the unit is fitted with the appropriate interfaces; AC and DC outputs; as well as the control, regulation and monitoring software necessary for reliable operations.

Tailor-made solutions

The newly developed M7.3 Plus power supply unit has three output connections. It is used e.g. in a respiratory device such as made by company Dräger (see image above).
The newly developed M7.3 Plus power supply unit has three output connections. It is used e.g. in a respiratory device such as made by company Dräger (see image above).

Optoelectronics is just one area where BENNING power supplies are used. In order to be able to use high-sensivity scanning electron microscopes for research purposes, power supplies are required not to produce mechanical vibrations in the NF range. Even the smallest mechanical vibrations can lead to blurry and distorted images being recorded by the microscope. BENNING also produces reliable power supplies for use in the dental technology field. Fitted with a high-power pulse (36 V and 50 A for 10 seconds) and a graduated overload profile, dentist chair motors can quickly and safely bring patients of any weight class into the right position. Other uses include heart-lung machines, MRI, dialysis systems, anaesthetic systems and respiration systems. For the last mentioned systems, BENNING developed the 250 watt M7.3 Plus power supply with its compact two-part structure, combining innovative and reliable hardware and software in the smallest confined space.

The M7.3 Plus builds upon the well-established M7.3 Classic with a range of additional features to set it apart from its predecessor. For example, an additional battery connection has been integrated that is particularly important while transporting patients, e.g. when moving from the operating theatre to the intensive care unit. The use of a redundant battery system represents an additional safety mechanism for the respiratory device in case the first battery fails or runs out of power.

High degree of flexibility

Charging performance has been doubled so that the higher battery capacities can be charged within a reasonable amount of time. The use of lithium batteries should be possible in the near future. Until then, a combination of lead and NiHM batteries can be used to increase flexibility. Just like its predecessor, the M7.3 Plus works without a fan so that it emits zero noise.

Constant dialogue

Photo: © Drägerwerk & Co. KGaA, Lübeck. All rights reserved

All of the specified characteristics contribute to optimising the quality of treatment and safety of patients. These properties are the result of close and trusting collaboration with producers of medical devices. From the planning phase until the start of series production, BENNING maintains a dialogue with them. Throughout the development and production processes, a direct contact person is assigned who coordinates the hardware and software development. Intensive discussions are held with everyone involved to ensure that all customer-specific requirements are included in the development process.

A key advantage of this is that with BENNING’s decades of experience, the company knows the high standards and requirements of the medical sector very well. This allows to discuss any special or complex requirements individually and to find appropriate solutions. Results of the development process are usually presented in form of initial prototypes and then further enhanced in close cooperation with the customer until a completely reliable system that meets the specific requirements and standards is ready to go into production.

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