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Ecological responsibility and maximum production reliability

Russia’s petrochemical industry counts on sustainable profitability.

Fluctuating oil and gas prices and increasing demand from Asia and other emerging economies are two trends currently dominating the global petrochemical industry. At the same time, global competition is undoubtedly intensifying. The key to long- term economic success therefore is a sustainable supply of raw materials, innova- tive technologies and access to new markets.

The BENNING power supply systems are used in the substations, among other places, and to ensure power supply to the pumps
The BENNING power supply systems are used in the substations, among other places, and to ensure power supply to the pumps

Russia is one of the most resource-rich countries in the world and with limits to the potential of new, emerging markets, it occupies a crucial position as a production location. To respond to changing market needs, the largest country in the world has ordered a fundamental modernisation of its crude oil processing. By 2020, 124 refineries will be built or modernised. One of the most important centres of Russian oil processing is Nizhnekamsk in the Republic
of Tatarstan.


OAO Nishnekamskneftekhim

Nizhnekamsk lies approximately 240 km east of the capital of the republic, Kazan and was established in 1961, following the construction of a large petroleum chemical facility, now called OAO Nishnekamskneftekhim (NKNK). Today NKNK consists of ten individual plants and has grown to become one of the largest businesses in Russia. NKNK’s key products include synthetic rubbers and various plastics, such as polystyrene, polypropylene or polyethylene, with approximately 50% destined for the export market. In 2012 the company generated revenues of EUR 2.5 billion.

In addition to its commercial mission, NKNK places a great deal of importance on its environmental and social responsibilities. However, the manufacture of synthetic rubber is an energy intensive process, with 9.2% of the region’s total electricity production consumed by NKNK- making it the largest electricity consumer in the Republic of Tatarstan. In light of this, a programme to reduce energy consumption was launched, aiming to find a balance between optimal energy efficiency and maximum plant availability.

NKNK and BENNING have been partners for more than 15 years and since 2011 BENNING has installed twelve highly efficient, reliable ENERTRONIC I, L and modular UPS systems with up to 120 kVA of power and several THYROTRONIC and THYROSOT series rectifier systems, all as part of the organisation’s modernisation and expansion programme. Since then, the systems have secured the production power supply, emergency lighting systems, measurement and control technology and the power required for the business’ control centres.



In 2005, the government of the Republic of Tatarstan decided to build another major petrochemical complex in the Nizhnekamsk area. Taneko, as the facility is known, represents the largest petrochemical project in Russia for 30 years.
The main investor is Tatneft. During five years of construction up to 15,000 construction workers were employed on the site. A new 118-km oil pipeline, a 188-km production line and even its own 40-km railway line were also installed. In 2010, the first four production units went into operation. They now achieve an oil processing depth of 74%.
At the end of the project, 97% will be achieved – one of the highest percentages of any comparable facility. Today Taneko produces 18 different oil products and processes eight million tons of crude oil each year.

As with NKNK, in the modern Taneko plants a balanced ratio of economics, environmental protection and social responsibility can be seen. Once again, BENNING’s expertise is visible. BENNING employees were involved in project group discussions throughout the planning phase in 2005 and 2006.
During the project BENNING supplied more than 45 THYROSOT systems, several large DC distribution systems and a number of ENERTRONIC I type UPSs to provide a secure power supply for the entire complex. The power supply systems ensure the operation of the substations and the pumping and ventilation systems required for production.

OAO Nishnekamskneftekhim
OAO Nishnekamskneftekhim

GAZPROM and the White House

BENNING’s reputation in Russia is founded on quality and competence - enabling the company to win highly prestigious contracts, such as the emergency power supply systems for telecommunications equipment within the house of the government of the Russian Federation, the Russian White House. Long-standing business relationships with Gazprom have also contributed to an excellent public image.

But there is another reason why Taneko and NKNK entered into partnerships with BENNING. Due to its high level of vertical integration BENNING offers the ability to customise power supplies and distributions. For example, BENNING engineers adapted the THYROSOT rectifier system to the specific requirements of Russian industry.

Process security and faster service

Regardless of whether you are discussing on-shore or off-shore, in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, market conditions require the upmost levels of process safety and the highest quality regarding equipment and systems involved throughout production.

An unplanned shutdown or total failure of the continuously operated plants would lead to significant cost as well as impacting delivery. The uninterrupted supply of power is therefore among the most important aspects of the facility’s operation.
Only BENNING offers reliable products, augmented with a personal and professional approach to customer and equipment  ervicing, as well as a commitment to ensuring spare parts are available in the event of a failure. BENNING maintains global service centres - also near to Nizhnekamsk, which Taneko and NKNK benefit from and short-notice servicing by BENNING is guaranteed at all times.

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