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Energy Technology List Certification for the ENERTRONIC modular SE

The modular UPS systems in the ENERTRONIC modular SE range developed by BENNING have received a commendation for their particularly high energy efficiency.

For more than 80 years, BENNING products have stood for maximum security, efficiency and optimised resource utilisation.

The company has now received a special commendation for its efforts – the inclusion of the ENERTRONIC modular SE UPS systems in the Energy Technology List (ETL) for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA). This is official confirmation of the particularly high energy efficiency of this BENNING UPS range.

The ETL certificate has been awarded by Carbon Trust, an organisation founded by the British government for the reduction of greenhouse gases. 

The ECA system supports companies in investing in energy-efficient equipment and machinery which allows them to receive financial benefits. Tax exemptions enable the total cost of the new asset or machine to be offset against the taxable profit for the full financial year in which the purchase was made.

Maximum Energy Efficiency 

The energy optimisation mode, selectable and configurable by the user, automatically minimises the total cost of ownership (TCO) while maximising system availability. An intelligent algorithm determines the number of modules required for safe operation and switches all other modules to hibernation mode. System efficiency is maximised by making the latter available only when they are really needed, e.g. when there is a load increase. Therefore, the system has the capability to automatically maintain the highest system availability, while ensuring the lowest operating costs. 

Combined with the repair and maintenance benefits of true “hot swap” modularity, through which a whole UPS module can be replaced in just a few minutes, this results in a UPS system with 99.9999% availability. 

Minimising Operating Costs

Thanks to the “pay as you grow” scalability and very high operating efficiency, even at partial load, the actual operating costs of the ENERTRONIC modular series are kept to a minimum, without compromising on network quality. Every UPS module therefore represents a highly efficient, serial online UPS (VFI-SS-111). The supply of the critical load via the rectifier and inverter of the ENERTRONIC modular SE also eliminates all voltage and frequency fluctuations of the national grid and thus secures the operation of loads sensitive to interference. 

If maximum profitability and energy efficiency are of greater importance than the voltage and frequency quality, it is possible to operate in “Super Efficiency Mode”. This allows the supply of the load to be achieved via the static bypass, as long as the voltage and/or frequency of the supplying network lie within the preset tolerance ranges. 
As soon as one of these values leaves its range, automatic and uninterrupted switching into double conversion operation takes place. At the same time, the load receives complete protection against harmful network influences.

“We are proud to be included in the ETL. This is evidence that we offer our customers highly efficient product solutions that contribute to a reduction of ongoing operating costs and lower CO2 emissions.”

David Whitlow, Managing Director BENNING UK

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