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OEM power supply for the world's largest medical technology company

BENNING supports Dentsply Sirona in the safe power supply for high-quality demanding treatment units.

Recent studies show that most Germans are satisfied with their dentist and four out of five would recommend them, but an online survey reveals that 16% of patients think their surgery is outdated.
Contributing significantly to the advancement of patient care and global improvement in dental health, the US company Dentsply Sirona first collaborates with dentists and dental laboratories to then develop and make high-quality products for dental practices, laboratories and clinics. They are the largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies producing instruments, computerised CAD/CAM reconstruction systems, 3D digital X-ray equipment, treatment centres and consumables.

Demanding treatment centres

An integral part of the extensive product range includes worldwide-deployed treatment units Sinius, Teneo and Intego. These are highly modern dental chairs with exacting requirements for quality, security and workflow. Integrated desktop module functions and innovative controls with numerous additional options contribute to efficient treatment.
Simultaneously, the patients benefit from the highest level of safety and comfort. To meet the highest demands, a reliable power supply system is essential. If this is not stable, within the required tolerances or even fails, a treatment unit stops functioning and the treatment process must be stopped immediately, which could result in long downtimes for a dental practice.

Strict safety regulations

The patient industry must observe strict, internationally established standards of electrical safety, especially when equipment has direct physical contact with the patient, for instance when treatment involves the use of an intra-oral camera (with which the dentist takes pictures of the teeth). This must be compliant with medical standard EN 60601.

Plus, a well-protected consumer circuit is considered top priority for current supply.

Medical equipment is usually very sensitive to electromagnetic interference. According to medical standard EN 60601 (amongst others), a reliable and effective insulation is required between the mains input of the power supply, its internal high voltage levels and its DC output. Regulations such as these contribute significantly to the prevention of electric shock and to the safety of the patient.

A reliable OEM power supply unit

Needing a strong partner for the power supply of treatment units, Dentsply Sirona Bensheim chose BENNING. And in accordance with the customer’s requirements, BENNING developed the Medical Power Supply NT600W – a high-quality, highly-reliable OEM power supply unit, which is partly characterised by a high pulse power of 36 V and 50 A for 10 seconds. This is used in the motors of the dentist chair to ensure that patients of any weight can be quickly and safely brought into the correct position.
Also, the power supply unit has a stepped overload profile so that if there is a sudden voltage drop, the 12 V and 7 A video supply remains stable. The additional patient circuit supply (36 V, 6 A and 220 W) contributes to the maximum security and availability with high insulation values.

When the Medical Power Supply NT600W is installed for use in a vertical position, it also has convectional cooling, which eliminates the need for (and the noise of) the rotating auxiliary fan, so improving patient care. And being >92% efficient, the power supply fully satisfies current demands for high-energy efficiency.

Beginning of the series, March 2017

BENNING delivered the first samples of OEM power supply in autumn 2015 to Dentsply Sirona Bensheim, where they were put into service shortly afterwards.

Delivery of the fully developed preproduction Medical NT600W Power Supply is scheduled for January 2017, with series production due to begin in March. It’s another successful product of the now 30-year old partnership between the two companies, during which time BENNING has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to transform know-how and high technical requirements into marketable solutions.

It is planned that BENNING will develop further new OEM power supplies for other products in the series from Dentsply Sirona – a collaboration that will continue to improve oral healthcare globally.

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author/contact: Reinhard Erfen
telephone: +49 2163 500 994

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