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Power supply systems and services for the Ukrainian telephone network

BENNING Ukraine has been supplying the Ukrainian telecommunications market with high-efficiency power supplies for energy-saving, reliable operation for over twenty years.

The rear cabinet series has a 48 V / 216 kW telecommunications system with TEBECHOP 13500 modules consisting of module cabinets, mains supply fields as well as battery and load output fields, including a monitoring system. The front contains the battery system, along with battery connection boxes.

At the beginning of the new millennium, there was a surge in development in the telecommunications market in Ukraine, attributable to the economic progress of the country. This was also reflected in high demand for uninterruptible power supplies for setting up network infra­structures. Despite the high competition in that market sector, many high-profile Ukrainian telecommunication operators chose products and services from BENNING. At that stage, the company had already accrued ten years’ experience in the Ukrainian market and nurtured trust from a large number of customers with its bespoke product solutions, high standards of quality and reliable support.

Over 500 DC systems for Vodafone

Vodafone, one of the largest telecommunications network providers in Ukraine, also uses know-how from BENNING for power supplies for 3G and 4G telecommunications systems. The positive experiences since the start of the collaboration have served to underpin the good relationship that continues to exist between the two companies. Since 2005, Vodafone Ukraine has received more than 500 DC systems with associated distribution systems. These conform to the relevant international and regional standards and are perfectly tailored to the strict individual requirements of the Ukrainian telecommunications system, which repeatedly experiences network outages, especially outside major cities.
Virtually all the regions of the Ukrainian Vodafone network are now equipped with BENNING telecommunications power supplies – and Vodafone Ukraine is currently using BENNING solutions for new mobile cell sites that are to be erected. The power supplies delivered are based on SLIMLINE, TEBECHOP 12000 and TEBECHOP 13500 SE series rectifiers.
Power capacities up to several hundred kilowatts are covered, depending on customer requirements and purpose. The modular technology of the power supply systems also provides customers with a quick and easy option for capacity scalability (pay as you grow).
Furthermore, each of the systems has an individually developed DC distribution unit, an online monitoring system (TCP-IP and SNMP protocol), as well as a temperature compensation system for gentler charging of batteries.


High-efficiency power supplie

BENNING has delivered battery-powered AC and DC power supplies to many mobile phone and landline operators around the world for decades. In recent years, it has made particular investments in the development of high-efficiency power supplies for energy-saving, reliable operation. The latest circuit topologies and state-of-the-art electrical components support a very compact and reliable design of system.

Left.: Proactive Service – Technical On-Site Service
Right: BENNING power supply system for telecommunication applications

INVERTRONIC compact, modular, single phase inverters – 19” Sub-rack with 5 inverters
INVERTRONIC compact, modular, single phase inverters – 19” Sub-rack with 5 inverters

Largest system in the Ukraine

The telecommunications system in Kharkiv, a large city in the east of Ukraine, is not only the biggest one in the country with a capacity of 48 V and 14,000 A, it is also one of the biggest in the whole of Europe. It consists of TEBECHOP 13500 rectifier modules, TEBEVERT DSP power inverter modules and four distribution cabinets. These are responsible for the power supply to the entire 3G and 4G network and include both an on-board control system and extensive monitoring and diagnostic functions (remote monitoring) for preventative early detection.

Individual turnkey services

However, central to the service portfolio provided for Vodafone Ukraine are not only product solutions, but also various individual turnkey services. In addition to the development, manufacture, installation and start-up of the systems, this also includes service and maintenance work, as well as training for Vodafone Ukraine service technicians. As BENNING has highly qualified personnel and technical resources, it is in a position to respond quickly at any time to requests from customers from a wide range of sectors and to offer bespoke solutions.
Vodafone Ukraine requires optimum technical solutions and services, and not only for 48 V DC power supplies. As BENNING Elektrotechnik und Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG has developed the state-of-the-art ENERTRONIC Modular SE UPS system, the cooperation will be intensified even further. The new high-tech product was unveiled in Ukraine at Elcom Ukraine 2017, an international trade fair for power engineering, electrical engineering, energy efficiency and automation.

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