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Tailor-made solutions for security in power plants

High level of vertical integration with exceptional quality.

Power plants not only generate electricity - they also need to consume it to function safely: Major loads, such as electronic controls and communications plants, must therefore have a reliable supply to guard against power failure. BENNING’s batterysupported power supply ensures security 24/7.

125 V/DC power plant system with 1750 A rectifier and 60 kVA inverted rectifiers
125 V/DC power plant system with 1750 A rectifier and 60 kVA inverted rectifiers

Worldwide, only a handful of companies have the know-how that is required for the development and production of these systems. BENNING has developed a comprehensive programme of AC and DC power supplies and manufactured them for conventional and nuclear power stations for more than 50 years. This experience creates security which power plant fitters and operators can rely on.

Designed for the most difficult conditions

One of BENNING’s latest projects is a DC power supply system for a conventional power plant operated by SPE (Société de Production de l'Electricité Algérienne) in Algeria, at the Boufarik site. The order was placed by the power-plant fitter GAMMA (Turkey), with which BENNING has previously successfully implemented several successful projects.

The 125 V/DC power supply system, developed for the power station in Boufarik consists of 1750 A rectifier and 60 kVA inverter block systems, several modular TEBECHOP DC/DC converters and the corresponding distribution.

Earthquake proof

The most striking elements of the complex system are the large 2500 A DC switches and the expertly built, large copper component. As these systems are used in earthquake- prone areas they must be designed to withstand the relevant conditions.

For this purpose, BENNING produced special housings that are approved as earthquakeproof. The system is also designed to operate at high ambient temperatures and is in accordance with IP 41 (approved protection against dust and dripping water).

Rapid completion

The short delivery time achieved is also noteworthy: the contract was awarded on 1st June 2014. Based on GAMMA’s specifications, BENNING then took over the project.

Quality: Made in Germany

BENNING believes in continuous development and producing products of the highest
quality. As part of this mindset, efficient quality management systems (ISO 9001) and an integrated environmental management system (ISO 14001) have been implemented to ensure efficiency, whilst at the same time, minimising the consumption of resources during production. This is based on cost-effective computer controlled production methods and test facilities, as well as the expertise of BENNING’s team members. For example, the production for product housing is carried out with automatic bending and punching systems. Electronic printed circuit cards are fitted in the modern SMD centre and then automatically inspected. Needles sample the printed circuit boards, comparing the results with the target values and determining deviations in electrical values within seconds. Finally, all assembled systems are tested in one of the BENNING test bays under load and - if desired - are inspected and approved together with the customer.

Insights into the production in BENNING's company headquarter location  in Bocholt, BENNING Werk II
Insights into the production in BENNING's company headquarter location in Bocholt, BENNING Werk II

Worldwide service

After the systems go into operation, a comprehensive, global service network ensures maintenance of the supplied systems is actioned regularly to maintain proper operating conditions. This includes a full service for the supplied equipment, spare parts management and an extensive range of onsite training courses for the operator.
The service and maintenance of the system in Boufarik are carried out by the French BENNING branch office, which is responsible for the North African region.

BENNING electricity supply  in power plants worldwide
BENNING electricity supply in power plants worldwide
Ulrich BorkersUlrich Borkers, BENNING product management industry and USV
Ulrich Borkers, BENNING product management industry and USV

“Implementing tailor-made, fail-safe solutions at the highest technical level at short notice places maximum demands on flexibility in development and production. Therefore, our software and hardware development operates in close cooperation with the customer. Due to our large manufacturing range we can even take customer requests for changes into account during order processing,” commented Ulrich Borkers, BENNING product management industry and UPS.

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