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Service and Test your Batteries Better

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BFS 2000 Battery Formation and Testing System

General Notes

USR-MT alarm panel
USR-MT alarm panel

For many decades now, BENNING has designed and manufactured charge/discharge converters for the battery industry. These converters are used in both the production and testing processes involved in battery manufacturing and for series-testing of batteries. BENNING's BFS battery production and testing system provides a solution which makes it easier to control and monitor production and test processes which saves both time and energy. When used in power stations and rail applications (mobile version), it can be used to test and maintain a wide range of battery types.

The system components available are as follows:

USR-SPS handheld control unit
USR-SPS handheld control unit
  • rectifier module
  • PSE programmable control unit
  • USR-SPS handheld control unit
  • test pointer multiplexer
  • master PSE XX/1-25
  • windows-compatible PC
  • control and analysis software

Application software

Programmable control unit PSE
Programmable control unit PSE

The application software can be used to control and monitor production and testing systems with up to 625 units, combined in groups of 25 each, and can generate a wide range of different curves, such as IU, IUa IUIa, Wa and PUa. It can also handle current spikes with rising or falling current.

When recording individual cell readings, up to 10 testing times can be pre-selected for each programme step and responses can also be set on reaching pre-selectable test points, such as going onto the next step or terminating the programme.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, please contact BENNING.

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