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BATCOM digital<sup>+</sup>

BATCOM digital+

The LCD display shows clear and detailed information about the battery, e.g. voltage, current charging status, temperature ...

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The Smart Generation of Battery Controllers with Bidirectional Communication

A high level of availability for electric industrial trucks is now essential for safe and efficient operation.
Checking the charge-discharge behaviour of the drive batteries, as well as monitoring battery temperatures and electrolyte levels, are important measures for ensuring the fleet remains in operation for as long as possible.

In the leasing and rental business, long service life guarantees means that recording and documenting battery data, as well as monitoring the condition of the battery, are also of great importance.

The new BATCOM digital+ generation of battery controllers allows relevant operational data about the interactions between the industrial truck, drive battery and charger to be easily recorded, saved and accessed at any time via Bluetooth® communication.

The battery controller has a very robust and compact housing that is easily attached to the top side of lead acid batteries without requiring any special tools.

Simple installation using a flexible attachable current measuring device (Hall sensor) 
The BATCOM digital+ is a current measuring device for recording the current from a battery. It opens easily and can be attached to any cell connector or discharge cable without having to undo the cell connector. Voltage measurement with automatic voltage detection (range 18 V – 120 V DC) is done at the pole terminals of the relevant drive battery.

Special features

Special features

  • current measurement using a Hall sensor in a flexibly attachable current measurement head
  • bidirectional data transfer using Bluetooth® low energy technology
  • large programmable LED status indicator
  • digital display for e.g. voltage, charging status, temperature, etc
  • Software for system analysis (desktop/mobile)
  • compact dimensions for easy attachment
  • one battery controller for all battery voltages and capacities

Maximum availability and operational security

Technical features

  • integrated data logger for comprehensive battery use evaluation
  • integrated event logging for recording battery parameters
  • integrated statistics counter for the entire life cycle of the battery
  • detailed battery report with just one click

Simple communications between charger, battery controller and computer or smartphone/tablet

Visualisation of key battery data, e.g. charging status, temperature, battery voltage and current.
Visualisation of key battery data, e.g. charging status, temperature, battery voltage and current.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Clear and easy to understand usage report containing battery data
Clear and easy to understand usage report containing battery data

The new BATCOM digital+ generation of battery controllers developed by BENNING offers a high degree of reliability and flexibility. The wireless communication allows a bidirectional data exchange.

Using the appropriate app for a range of different devices and Bluetooth® low energy technology, you can set up a quick and uncomplicated connection with a PC and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Another key advantage: Communication with high-efficiency charging units from the BELATRON range. It allows optimal coordination for various things such as

  • adaptation of charging behaviour depending on battery temperature (e.g. in cold store applications or high ambient temperatures)
  • transfer of battery data for configuring optimal charging parameters
  • optimisation of operational charging processes

Freely configurable LED indicator display

Freely configurable LED indicator display such as: <br>Yellow: Status: Low battery charge <br>Blue: Status: Electrolyte level too low
Freely configurable LED indicator display such as:
Yellow: Status: Low battery charge
Blue: Status: Electrolyte level too low

The large LED status indicator is visible from a distance and clearly shows various information, data and notifications such as:

  • battery temperature
  • faults
  • low electrolyte level
  • current charging status

With this concept BENNING is bringing the tried-and-tested and clear indicator lamp system, used for decades on charging units, to the new battery controllers. The desired colour combinations and associated notifications can be individually programmed and selected via software.

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