Electrical Machines

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Maintenance, Reproduction, On-site-service and Diagnostics

Motors for mining application Zone 0
Motors for mining application Zone 0

For decades machine repairs have represented an essential part of the companies’ activities. Today the company offers a large range of high quality service activities and some manufacturing of electrical motors in addition to the standard repair service. Customers are located in Germany and abroad.

The service and production portfolio includes:

  • diagnostics
  • maintenance
  • on site service
  • design of rotating electrical machines
  • production of:
    high and low voltage motors and generators
    spare parts and other components


Electrical Machines
Electrical Machines

The diagnostic team works with state of the art testand measurement equipment for the analysis of visual, mechanical and electrical tests, for example: 

  • visual (endoscopies, thermographic survey)
  • mechanical (balance control, vibration and frequency analysis)
  • electrical (tan-delta, partial discharge, baker- and pi-test)

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