Electrical Machines

Electric Motors

Condition Monitoring for Cost Effective Maintenance

Extract of tests and services:

  • insulation resistance test
  • insulation test
  • partial discharge (PD)
  • baker test
  • tan-delta test
  • polarization index (pi-test)
  • frequency analysis
  • vibration test
  • noise testing
  • laser alignment
  • thermographic image

Our Standard Scope of Overhaul Includes the Following Services

  • record of performance data
  • control of overall machine condition
  • checks of all machine parts and auxiliaries (such as external fans, speed detectors, brakes, sensors, etc.)
  • dismantling of machine
  • visual checks and dimensional measurement of all machine parts, such as bearings seats, fits, centering fits, bearing shells, shaft ends, keyways, etc.
  • run out check
  • bearing check

Assembling and Preparation of Machines

  • cleaning of all machine parts and windings by special cleaning treatment incl. drying procedure by vacuum-oven procedure
  • control of cleaning results and electrical measurements after cleaning
  • impregnation of existing winding
  • dynamic balancing of rotors
  • check of sleeve bearings (white metal, bearing clearance, appearance of bearing surface after bedding in) incl. auxiliaries such as oilrings, sealings etc.
  • change of antifriction bearings
  • change and replacement of all screws
  • test-run incl. bearing check and vibration check
  • electrical test acc. to latest standards en, iec, vde
  • repainting the machine

Control of Electrical Parts

  • check of windings and winding support elements
  • check of press fit of cores and slot wedges
  • check of banding insulation, terminal boxes, terminal bolts, insulators and winding leads
  • check of rotor cage in order for cracks in rotor bars and short-circuit-rings
  • check and overhaul of brush-arrangements
  • overhaul slip-ring surfaces by turning procedure
  • check of pole fastening of salient pole rotors
  • adjust salient pole fixing
  • adjust commutator fixing
  • check connection between windings and commutator
  • overhaul commutator by turning procedure
  • adjust commutator by segment cutting procedure
  • sawing out mica and adjust shape of edges of segments
  • thermographic image

Organizational Sequence of Maintenance and Repair Tasks

You supply the machine specifications, such as manufacturer, type, capacity, voltage, rotational speed, model, type of bearing, etc., as well as the potential damage. We prepare an offer comprising the respective scope of repair work. If you place your order, we draw up an inspection report after dismantling and testing the windings and mechanical parts.

Additional Scope of Work

In case other originally unknown damages on the machine are found during this inspection, which we think should be repaired, we draw up an additional offer. The decision regarding the execution of this additional repair work is made after consulting you.

Further Information

contact: Electrical Machines
telephone: +49 2871 93 269


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