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Traction and Traction Motors

Traction Motor
Traction Motor

The electric motor is known as a proven drive solution for many rail- traction applications.
 But even an electrical machine might get damaged due to external influences or aging.
When a replacement motor must be ordered but the original manufacturer does not produce the specific drive any more, BENNING electrical machines is ready to provide a solution.

Below picture show parts which must be replaced due to damages. The foto on the right shows a stator of a traction motor for a locomotive. In this case a bearing failure happened and lead to a damage of the stator core. Manufacture of new components required detailed technical documentation which was not available. Therefore BENNING created all necessary technical documents based on dismantling of all parts, measurements and calculation of performance data. Due to the existing mechanical design, new stator sheets had to be manufactured by stamping process and a new stator core was stacked and welded. After final  machining the mechanical scope of work was completed. As a result, the more than 20 year old basic construction was ready again for duty in rail application in best condition.

Condition as received
Condition as received
Delivery state
Delivery state

Machining of electrical steel

Electrical machines generate a magnetic field by current-carrying copper windings. These are inserted in a core made of electrical steel laminations. In case the core is damaged and must be manufactured, the BENNING stamping shop is required. The high accuracy stamping machines are used to manufacture new laminations without
consuming high energy resources as used by laser cutting or other manufacturing methods.

CNC stamping of stator core laminations
CNC stamping of stator core laminations
The new laminated cores
The new laminated cores

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