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For more than half a century BENNING products have improved the safe and efficient utilisation of energy resources. Smart solutions for the conversion of energy in multi-purpose or storable energy draw the company.

BENNING’s experience in the field of energy conversion and storage forms the basis of the BENNING SOLAR PV inverter and energy-storage design.

BENNING SOLAR inverters and energy-storage-systems are designed and built to German Quality standards.
Use of the latest test methods at all stages of production provides quality assurance.

BENNING LIONIC solar® energy-storage (ESS)

Compared with lead-acid batteries, significantly less electrical energy is required for every charging operation. This gives rise to significantly better energy efficiency with LIONIC solar® energy-storage systems (ESS).

The BENNING lithium ion energy storage systems are scalable and adaptable to various applications.


The wide input voltage range of BENNING Solar inverters (120 V - 1000 V) provides flexibility of use at various power levels and in a variety of applications.

Measuring Devices for Photovoltaic
Measuring Devices for Photovoltaic

Measuring Devices for Photovoltaic

BENNING offers a wide range of measuring devices for the commissioning, test and periodic inspection of grid-connected PV systems according to VDE 0126-23 and DIN EN 62446.

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