BENNING PV-Inverter Range TLS

Energy Production and Storage of the Latest Generation

Energy production and storage of the latest generation

BENNING PV Inverter TLS 10.3-II

Special characteristics of the three phase TLS inverters

  • 2 MPP trackers
  • up to 12,000 Wp recommended DC power
  • relay contact for self consumption optimisation
  • integrated data logger and web server
DC Input: BENNING PV Inverter TLS 10.3-II
Recommended DC power (+15 % acc. ISE) 12000 W
Maximum input voltage 1000 V
Minimum input voltage/Start input voltage Input A/(B): 175 V / 200 V
Minimum input voltage * Input B: 120 V
MPP voltage range 380-800 V
Rated input voltage 600 V
Maximum current per input (A/B) ** 18/10 A
Maximum short circuit current per input 20/12 A
Start feeding-in at 20 W
Number of independent MPP inputs 2
Strings per MPP input 2/1
DC terminal type SUNCLIX
DC Overvoltage category III
AC Output: BENNING PV Inverter TLS 10.3-II
Rated output power (230V / 50 Hz, cos(φ)=1) 10000 W
Maximum apparent AC power 10000 VA
AC connection 3 / N / PE
AC nominal output voltage range 3 x 400 V / 3 x 230 V +/- 20 %
Power factor range, adjustable cos(φ) 0,9 ind. … 1 … 0,9 kap.
Operating range at nominal frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz / 47,5 Hz - 51,5 Hz
Maximum output current 3 x 15 A
Maximum short circuit current 3 x 15 A
Maximum permitted fusing Circuit breaker 20 A, characteristic B
Distortion factor at cos(φ) = 1 < 3 %
Self-consumption at night < 2 W
AC Overvoltage category III
Efficiency BENNING PV Inverter TLS 10.3-II
Maximum efficiency 97,5 %
European efficiency 97 %
Protection and protective devices: BENNING PV Inverter TLS 10.3-II
Topology transformerless
Protection class I
Earth fault detection integrated
Residual current monitoring integrated, sensitive to universal current
Overload behaviour operating point adjustment
Overtemperature behaviour operating point adjustment
Input isolator integrated
Overvoltage protection-input integrated, type 3 as per EN61643-11
Overvoltage protection-output integrated, type 3 as per EN61643-11
Automatic disconnection device as per VDE 0126-1-1
Environmental conditions BENNING PV Inverter TLS 10.3-II
Ingress protection IP 65 / connection area IP 54
Cooling concept 2 variable speed, temperature-controlled fan
Operating temperature range -20°C – 60°C
Maximum ambient temperature at rated power 40 °C
Climatic category 4K4H according to IEC 721-3-4 ***
Maximum operating altitude 2000 m above sea level
Noise emission ≤ 50 dB(A)
Standards and approvals BENNING PV Inverter TLS 10.3-II
EMC emission EN 61000-6-3: 2007
EMC immunity EN 61000-6-2: 2005
Equipment safety EN 62109-1, -2
Grid compliance VDE-AR-N 4105, EN50438, AS4777, AS3100
General Data: BENNING PV Inverter TLS 10.3
Dimensions in mm (W x H x D) 360 x 506 x 190 mm (without plugs)
Weight (approx.) 27 kg
Features BENNING PV Inverter TLS 10.3-II
Display liquid crystal display, 128 x 64 pixel
Communication interfaces RS 485, USB, Ethernet, solar radiation, S0 as per DIN EN 62053-31 class B****
Data storage 24 hours: 5-min values
30 days: hourly values
20 years: daily values
Relay contact potential-free contact 230 V / 2 A

*) This value is valid if one input has exceeded the start input voltage.
**) It is permitted to exceed this limit as long as the maximum short circuit current is not exceeded.
***) The device is designed for an outdoor use. Direct sunlight and precipitation (rain, snow hail) hast to be avoided on site.
****) Internal implemented in the TLS 10.3-II

Technical changes reserved, version of: 16.10.2017

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