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Power Supplies – Efficient and Reliable

For many decades BENNING has been supplying high quantities of modular AC and DC power systems for business critical installations. BENNING is known worldwide as a "quality leader" for reliable and efficient power supplies for the Telecommunications, Industrial, Medical and IT industries.

Modular industrial power solutions

Modular power supplies allow capacity adjustments in small steps (scalability) and cost effective redundant solutions.
The modular system design with parallel operating hot-plug power modules (plug and play) provides high availability, can be upgraded and is easy to install and to maintain.The modules are especially designed to meet the specifications required in the industrial sectors, such as the petrochemical industry, the power distribution and power generation industry and the automation control industry.

Advantages of the industrial modular power systems e.g. rectifiers, inverters, DC-converter:

  • high power density with low volume and weight
  • reliable hot-plug design
  • very short MTTR (meantime to repair)
  • capacity adjustments in small steps
  • excellent energy efficiency
  • remote monitoring and preventive maintenance

High Performance for Critical Loads

In the power station sector many important loads such as electronic controls, communications equipment etc. have to be protected against mains failure by battery backed power supplies. A continous uninterrupted power supply to radio and radar systems, runway lightning and illumination as well as other safety devices in airports is of importance for air traffic safety. Railway track signalling equipment and monitoring devices must have a constant power supply even in the event of a mains failure. Battery backed power supplies made by BENNING guarantee safety and security around the clock.

BENNING offers a wide range of robust DC and AC power solutions for conventional power plants, nuclear power plants, utilities, for the oil and gas industry, the petrochemical industry, airports and other industrial applications.

  • UPS-Systems, 1 – 500 kVA
  • static Inverters, 0.5 – 160 kVA
  • Power Station Rectifiers,
    Output voltage 26 V / Output current 100 A – 3000 A
    Output voltage 220 V / Output current 100 A – 1200 A
  • DC-DC Converters,
    Input: 110/220 V DC, Output: 26 V, 48 V, 60 V DC

Telecom Power Solutions – Flexible, Efficient and Reliable

Trouble-free operation of modern telecom systems requires the use of power supply units which are reliable and ready to be brought into operation at any time.

Working with customers world wide, BENNING supplies AC and DC power solutions to fixed and wireless network operators. The basis for the construction of the Telecom power supplies are switched mode power modules with plug-in technology. Using parallel connections, systems can be configured with ratings up to several thousand amps.
Advanced design and state-of the art circuit topology are the basic features of these compact yet highly efficient power systems.

FIT-FORM-FUNCTION reduces energy costs
Now, BENNING offers the FIT-FORM-FUNCTION modernization of existing DC power supply systems (made by BENNING)
by replacing older plug-in rectifier modules with modern TEBECHOP SE devices.
Modernization made easy by plug & play installation without any downtime.

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