for Nuclear Power Plants

Modular Three Phase Inverter System

Inverters Single- and Three-Phase Systems

Due to the very stringent safety requirements for equipment installed in Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) and the long operating periods of such plants, the BENNING inverter systems for NPP applications have been designed for a life time of more than 40 years. The inverter systems have also been designed and qualified to fulfill seismic and other NPP requirements and are manufactured and tested according to the quality procedures required for 1-E NPP applications.

Video: Test of Rectifiers NPP to Fulfill Seismic Requirements

General Features

General Features

  • single- and three-phase systems
  • IGBT inverters
  • modern power electronics
  • amply dimensioned
  • power range: 5 kVA to 400 kVA
  • input voltages
    • 110 V, 220 V
    • bypass: 230 V, 380 V, 400 V
  • single-phase or three-phase output voltage
    • 220/230 V (adjustable ± 5%), 380/400 V (adjustable ± 5%)
  • fail-safe
  • circuit design
    • analog controller

Maximum Availability

Maximum Availability

  • n+1 redundancy
  • static bypass switch
  • service bypass
  • dual signalling 
and monitoring 
  • different operating modes available
  • galvanically isolated
  • high quality of output power 

Highest Economic Efficiency

Highest Economic Efficiency

  • scalable
  • energy-efficient

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