PC software BENNING SOLAR Manager
PC software BENNING SOLAR Manager

The PC software BENNING SOLAR Manager used with the BENNING PV 2 allows the creation of test reports and documentation in compliance with the standards DIN EN 62446 (VDE 0126-23) and DIN EN 61829 (VDE 0126-24).

  • Documentation of the I-V (current-voltage) characteristics and of the P-V (power-voltage) characteristics measured by the BENNING PV 2
  • Conversion to standard test conditions (STC) and comparison with the nominal characteristic specified by the PV module manufacturer via an integrated PV module database
  • Creation of test reports and documentation of the performance data of the PV generator:
    Pmpp, Uoc, Umpp, Isc, Impp, filling factor, temperature and insolation
  • Demo version available for download and on the CD-ROM of the BENNING PV 2 (can be used free of charge for 14 days)
  • The PC software can be activated via a license key for a single-user license in credit card format (item no. 050423)

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