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High Energy Efficiency and Reduced CO2 Emissions

BELATRON high-efficiency charging systems for lead acid- and lithium-ion batteries
BELATRON high-efficiency charging systems for lead acid- and lithium-ion batteries

BELATRON high-efficiency charging systems
For more than three decades the name BELATRON has stood for advanced and future oriented charging technology for lead- acid traction batteries.

Compared with conventional chargers BELATRON high-efficiency charging systems reduce the amount of electrical
energy consumed during the charging process by 25%. This leads to reduced operational costs and lower CO2 emissions.

More economic and environmental advantages are possible using LIONIC® energy systems. These systems consist of
BELATRON Li+ high-efficiency chargers and lithium-ion batteries.

Industrial Design - BELATRON UC
Industrial Design - BELATRON UC

Robust industrial versions
With the series BELATRON UC BENNING offers high-efficiency charging systems specifically tailored to the requirements of industrial applications.

In the design of the robust casing, particular attention has been paid to flexibility, use in harsh environments and minimal space requirements.
The integration of the BELATRON high efficiency power modules ensures that this series is highly efficient and is capable of a wide range of functions.

Battery controller BATCOM digital<sup>+</sup> - Visualisation of key battery data
Battery controller BATCOM digital+ - Visualisation of key battery data

BATCOM digital+ Battery Controller
The BATCOM digital+ captures and stores important operating data and the condition of the traction battery and indicates these via the large LED display and the integrated LCD display. Data transmission via Bluetooth® guarantees secure communication with BELATRON charging systems, a PC or mobile devices at all times.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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