Tebetron Intelligent Charging Systems

for Your Traction Batteries

Tebetron Intelligent charging systems for your traction batteries

Tebetron – Economic and Efficient

Battery-powered electric drives for industrial trucks have been established for decades and are distinguished by high reliability and excellent economy.

The economy of battery-powered trucks is further improved by the use of energy-efficient Tebetron charging systems.

Tebetron chargers can be used for all PzS and PzS-B wet-cell batteries. The charging times range from 7.5 - 14 hours and are determined by the choice of rated current.

These units are suitable for shift operation, i.e. for charging times of 7.5 - 9 hours.

Direct USB connection to a laptop for example
Direct USB connection to a laptop for example

The particular advantages of the new Tebetron charger generation

Less overloading of the battery

Reduction of operating costs by saving electrical energy (and therefore reducing CO2 emissions)

Reduction of maintenance costs and extension of maintenance intervals thanks to reduced gas venting and reduced battery water consumption.

Wider range of applications
Wa pulse characteristic
Wa pulse characteristic

Tebetron chargers are suitable for all PzS and PzS-B wet-cell batteries, with charging times ranging from 7.5 - 14 hours including shift operation.

Tebetron chargers work with a Wa pulse characteristic.
In the main charging phase, the charging characteristic corresponds to a W-characteristic, i.e. the charge current reduces as the battery voltage increases. In the gassing phase, the electrolyte is mixed by means of highly effective short current pulses which lead to significantly less gas production than with conventional Wa chargers with fixed gassing currents.
The pulsing technique reduces the temperature rise, lowers battery water consumption and uses less electrical energy.

Large-format, coloured and illuminated display
Charge state traffic lights
Charge state traffic lights

Clear identification of charge and operating state even from a distance thanks to large, easily visible charge state traffic lights

In order to enable the charge and operating state to be clearly seen even from a distance, Tebetron chargers are equipped with charge state traffic lights in the form of a large coloured illuminated display.

The “Charge/Gassing” state is indicated by the colour yellow, “Charging complete” by the colour green and a possible fault by the colour red.

USB interface and data memory
Software display options
Software display options

Important operating data can be retrieved using a Laptop or in the case of a large number of chargers, via a network with central PC. Analysing the data enables faults or deviations in the individual charging operations to be immediately detected.

Tebetron chargers have a USB port for the retrieval of important operational data.
With the help of a standard USB cable and a laptop, the operating data can be accessed or transmitted to a central PC via a network.

Individual chargers can be quickly and thoroughly analysed with the help of the charging and statistical data.
As well as various other events, the charger saves the last 200 sets of charging data.

Remote monitoring and analysis
Remote monitoring on site or from a decentralised control station
Remote monitoring on site or from a decentralised control station

The monitoring software makes comprehensive monitoring, control and remote maintenance of the charging systems possible, both on site and from a remote location.

Connection can be via the Internet or LAN/WLAN.

Using this software enables all chargers plus maintenance and service personnel, to be deployed efficiently and effectively.


Overview of all charging events:

  • Optimum use of charging resources
  • Remote readout of charging parameters
  • Notification in case of charge state change
  • Remote maintenance

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