• extended battery service life
  • minimised operating costs
  • sustainable use of resources
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Extended battery life thanks to consistent frequency of use

Especially in cross-shift operation, the frequency of use of the individual drive batteries can vary greatly. Batteries that are more difficult to reach are used less often. As time goes by, the number of charge-discharge cycles will then deviate more and more between batteries.
Since the battery temperature rises with each time the battery is charged or discharged, there is a risk of excessive temperatures in batteries with charge-discharge cycles in quick succession without sufficient cooling phases. This should be avoided, because it significantly reduces the service life of the batteries.

The Next Battery Selector Dynamic ensures that all batteries are used evenly. The temperature rise is reduced because the rest periods distributed over all batteries lead to cooling after the end of the charging process. This extends the service life of the batteries and contributes to a sustainable use of resources.

Consistent battery use in shift operation

Electric vehicle operators often work in shifts. For this reason, the batteries can only be used at a consistent frequency if the order in which the fully charged batteries are used is specified across shifts and can be clearly identified by staff at any time.

The Next Battery Selector Dynamic ensures that all batteries are used in the order in which they were switched off after they were fully charged.

NBS-Dynamic lamp Close-up
The signal light and charging plug are installed in a square profile. This convenient layout above the battery facilitates battery replacement.
Better overview in the charging station

Using the BELATRON monitor option, it is possible to display the upcoming battery or sequence of use via a large screen. In addition, the software offers smart data monitoring of all important charger statuses in your charging station. Especially in battery changing systems with many charging stations, the Next Battery Selector Dynamic improves the clarity in the charging station considerably. Even with a large number of charging points in a confined space, selecting the wrong battery can be avoided.

Smart data monitoring of all important charger statuses in your charging station via a tablet.
Flexible and future-proof

The NBS ports on the chargers enable smooth networking using patch cables (CAN-Bus, RJ45).

  • easy to expand
  • BELATRON chargers with Multivortage option automatically assign themselves to the correct NBS Dynamic group
  • downward compatible to BELATRON chargers of older designs
Can-Bus RJ 45 plug Logo

Advantages and added value

  • Optimises the use of exchangeable batteries
  • Ensures the batteries are used in the correct order after being fully charged
  • Avoids selection errors thanks to clear indicator lights
  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Integration of existing BELATRON chargers possible
  • Flexibly expandable at any time (pay as you grow)
  • Data monitoring (optional)

Smart data monitoring

Smart data monitoring – all charging parameters at a glance, anytime

The BELATRON monitor option offers you all relevant information in addition to charging station management. Important charger status messages are visualised in a user-friendly way and can be used to evaluate the use of the charging space. The data remains stored locally at all times and does not leave the company.

Access can be implemented both via the customer network and as a stand-alone solution.

NBS Dynamic - always the right battery for the next use

BELATRON UC charging systems offer maximum charging power in the smallest space.


BELATRON UC charging systems offer maximum charging power in the smallest of spaces

If the BELATRON chargers cannot be placed along a wall or a shelf, you have the option to install a BELATRON UC system (as shown on the top left). This space efficient charging cabinet offers the greatest possible energy density on a footprint of only 60 x 60 cm.

BELATRON UC systems can also be equipped with the Next Battery Selector Dynamic.

Next Battery Selector Dynamic can manage more than 250 different battery groups

Flexibly upgradable

The chargers are easy to network and the charging station is flexibly expandable

The NBS ports on the chargers enable smooth networking using patch cables. This connection is significantly more stable and less susceptible to interference than wireless connections and is still quick and effortless to set up.

Easy expansion - pay as you grow

If further charging points are required at a later date, the NBS Dynamic can be flexibly expanded. Each BELATRON charger (with the NBS option) has two RJ45 ports (input/output) and is simply integrated into the existing structure with an additional patch cable.

NBS Dynamic is downward compatible

If there are already BELATRON chargers on site that do not have an NBS Dynamic interface (e.g. BELATRON chargers of older designs), these can be easily integrated using the clever bus connection concept. For this purpose, relay contacts are retrofitted in the existing devices and integrated into the new NBS Dynamic via a bus coupler.
This facilitates access to the perks of the NBS Dynamic with BELATRON chargers.

Circularly arranged different tensions
As batteries of different voltages are also assigned to different NBS groups, the BELATRON chargers with multivoltage option automatically assign themselves to the correct NBS Dynamic group and thus ensure that the correct charging location is automatically displayed at all times for use with the next battery.


Pie chart rental model. Simply rent and test and you will receive a comprehensive full service for everything to do with your energy package.
Flexibility and maximum availability at a fixed monthly price
  • Flexible response to order situations
  • Planning reliability
  • Calculable expenses
  • No capital commitment
  • Continuous availability
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One contact person for the entire project
BENNING – One contact person during the entire product lifecycle
  • You get the most economical solution and benefit in the long term from the direct link to BENNING as the manufacturer.
  • Qualität made in Germany
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