BELATRON High-efficiency charging systems for drive batteries

Multi-voltage operation, monitoring & reporting portal, can be upgraded for use with lithium batteries

Combination of efficiency and connectivity

The BELATRON range is supported by the latest generation of future-oriented, energy-efficient charging technology. Chargers of up to 96 V and 300 A are covered as standard.

The required grid connection capacity is minimised thanks to the achievement of as much as 96% efficiency together with a cos(φ)  of up to ~1, and this in turn reduces investment, installation & operating costs. Thanks to the sinusoidal power draw and the satisfactory output factor, there is no need for the reactive current compensation system to be expanded.

Optimised status display, thanks to large touch-screen

Tractioncharger BELATRON touch-screen
The 3.5” touch-screen enables not only settings but also parameters to be adapted. Furthermore, apparatus and battery information can be consulted.

1: BELATRON 24 V - 30 A, Casing WT7
2: BELATRON 24 V - 65 A, Casing WT16
3: BELATRON 24 V - 80 A, Casing WT32 with optional network interface and touchscreen
4: BELATRON 48 V - 60 A, Casing WT32 with optional traffic-light display for charge status

Optimise charging processes, enhance availability – log, use and analyse your data

High energy density, low space requirement at point of use
The size of the casing has been almost halved, whilst retaining the same output power. The compact construction makes it possible to achieve a high density of installation in the smallest space. This reduces the space taken up in the charging station.

Versatility, thanks to multi-voltage function
And a new addition is the multi-voltage function which makes it possible for the widest range of different batteries (24V, 48V, 80V – and 36V, 72V, 96V and 120V) to be charged up with just one BELATRON charger. This ensures additional flexibility in the optimisation of charging processes.

Maximum availability
With modular-design BELATRON chargers as from WT60 specification and higher, the system can continue to operate with the remaining modules if one output section fails. On-site service staff will be able to assign master functionality to a different output module. Accordingly, data communication and display to the outside world will still be assured. Charging can continue – albeit at a reduced level – until the spares arrive.

1: BELATRON 48 V - 120 A, Casing WT60
2: BELATRON 48 V - 240 A, Casing WT120
3: BELATRON 80 V - 255 A, Casing WT180

Communication with energy management systems
Our chargers are able to interact – with energy management systems, for example – via an optional interface card (communications controller). In conjunction with the BATCOM digital+ battery controller, the communications interface provides comprehensive energy data, thus enabling seamless recording of power draw levels.

Load shedding in order to avoid load peaks
Henceforth, in conjunction with the BMS NG system (Battery-Management-System Next Generation), processes such as “load shedding” can be automated, in order to avoid load peaks.

Monitoring and reporting platform
On the BENNING Traction Portal, there is an intuitive-interface visual display to indicate a charging station’s relevant operating parameters. The operating parameters can be consulted online at any time.

Two-way communication: straightforward and uncomplicated
The wireless data exchange option enables two-way communication. The corresponding app can be used for various terminals, and the employed Bluetooth® lowenergytechnology enables rapid and straightforward connection between the BATCOM digital+ battery controller and - furthermore - not only with the PC, but also with mobile terminals such as tablets and smartphones.

The available advantages include:

  • Straightforward basic setup at the stage of installation
  • Display of main battery parameters
  • Support in process of fleet deployment optimisation
Tractioncharger BELATRON - Monitoring & reporting platform BENNING Traction Portal
BENNING Traction Portal monitoring & reporting platform: user-friendly interface for displaying a charging station’s relevant operating parameters
Tractioncharger BELATRON - BATCOM digital+
With the BATCOM digital+ battery controller, it’s a straightforward task to log and save relevant operating data in the interaction between floor conveyors, drive batteries and chargers: the data can be collected at any time via Bluetooth® link.

Tractioncharger BELATRON UC Casing
BELATRON UC – Each 19" rack can accommodate either a 6 KW charger or two chargers of lower output

Configure charging circuits individually with the BELATRON UC Industrial range
When it comes to accommodating your chargers, the BELATRON UC Industrial range is a great option if there is very restricted installation space in a charging station.

Thanks to the vertical, modular system construction of this range, up to 18 independent charging circuits with various output voltages can be accommodated in one cabinet. This design saves a great deal of space (as per floor footprint) by comparison with stand-alone units.

Using these configuration options, you can simultaneously charge up a significantly larger number of batteries – of a variety of voltages and capacities – within a BELATRON UC cabinet of the same size.

NEXT Battery Selector dynamic – organising frequency of use so as to extend battery life
Because a battery’s temperature rises when it’s charged and discharged, there is the risk of needlessly raising battery temperatures when the charge/discharge cycles follow on rapidly from each other without any cooling-off phases in the course of a working week. However, such a rapid succession of cycles needs to be avoided in order not to shorten your battery’s life unnecessarily. And it’s a fact that when the batteries are at a lower temperature, they consume less water. And that helps to reduce operating costs.

You can work all of the batteries consistently with the NEXT BatterySelectordynamic* option. An attention-getting LED will tell your staff which of your fully-charged batteries has the earliest historic switch-off time. Accordingly, your battery is kept satisfactorily cool, water consumption is minimised and the entire battery pool is worked in a balanced manner.


* option available for all BELATRON chargers with casing size WT16 or larger
The Bluetooth® trade name and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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