DC/DC Converters

for Industrial Applications

TEBECHOP 3000 IDC: Modular Rack-Mounted DC/DC Converters

Modular DC/DC converters - high system availability thanks to modular power supplies.

For many years, BENNING has been supplying modular rectifier and inverter systems for electronic systems in industrial, telecommunications, and information technology markets. These modular systems have proved their worth due to their high availability and ease of maintenance.

The DC/DC converters described below complement these modular systems, as they have the same mechanical platform. The front plate design also matches other modules in the range.

Combinations of all three series of units can therefore be easily accommodated in common system cabinets.

General Features

General Features

  • switched-mode DC/DC converter
  • power range 600 W to 28.8 kW
  • wide-range input
    • 18 V to 75 V, 85 V to 265 V
  • output voltages
    • 12 V, 24 V, 48 V, 60 V, 110 V, 220 V
  • 19“ module
  • modular, compact, variable, fail-safe
  • circuit design
    • digital controller
  • modular design
    • based on 19“ modules e.g.


Maximum Availability

Maximum Availability

  • n+1 redundancy
  • stand-alone modules
  • extensive signaling and 
monitoring functions
  • galvanically isolated
  • high quality of output power
  • low residual ripple at rectifier output

Highest Economic Efficiency

Highest Economic Efficiency

  • low volume and weight
  • easy adaptation of system power
  • hot plug
  • plug and play
  • energy-efficient

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