ENERTRONIC Modular Storage

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UPS-compatible ENERTRONIC Modular Storage system

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UPS-compatible storage systems offer economy and return on investement combined with security of the load

The UPS protects the critical loads from mains disruptions. At the same time, in conjunction with the "on-board" EMS, the system takes on load management tasks and thus contributes significantly to faster return of the investment compared to systems without a storage function.

System overview: UPS ENERTRONIC Modular Storage / island mode operation
System overview: UPS ENERTRONIC Modular Storage / island mode operation

ENERTRONIC Modular Storage combines maximum availability with minimized UPS operating costs and offers high flexibility through a variable component concept.

  • Storage and UPS function
  • Decentralised parallel architecture
  • Modular-expandable hot pluggable system
  • Flexible battery configurations (accumulator,group battery, individual battery)
  • Can be used in conjunction with regenerative
  • energy systems such as PV, hydro or
  • wind power
  • Option of connecting up to low-voltage mains as per VDE AR-N4105
  • Greater efficiency
  • Rapid return of investment
19“ Module, UPS - Energy - Storage System - Module
ENERTRONIC Modular Storage, 19“ Module

Functions of energy storage systems

Network services

  • Primary power control
  • Reactive power control
  • Voltage stability

Renewable energy sources

  • Storage during low-load conditions
  • Bridging of troughs
  • Avoiding mains usage costs
  • Micro grids

Industrial applications

  • Peak shaving
  • Load leveling
  • Micro grids
  • UPS operation

Sustained reduction in operating costs, Increasing efficiency

Smart load management means that enhancing the reliability and efficiency of your power supply system goes hand-in-hand with a sustained reduction in operating costs. Applications whose power consumption can be fully or partially offset thanks to power storage provide an ideal opportunity.

BENNING, with its new ENERTRONIC Modular Storage range, offers individually tailored energy storage systems with genuine UPS operation and “on-board” EMS (Energy Management System).

ENERTRONIC Modular Storage is tailored for:
  • Industrial applications
  • Storage of regeneratively sourced power
  • Micro grids
ENERTRONIC Modular Storage Monitoring - Control Unit MCU
ENERTRONIC Modular Storage Monitoring Control Unit MCU

The Monitoring and Control Unit (MCU) supports a range of protocols and interfaces for connecting the system EMS from the widest range of software manufacturers. The MCU 3000 system controller, which is installed in the cabinet door of the power supply system, has a 10.4” touchscreen.

Smart UPS system and Energy Storage system - combined
ENERTRONIC Modular Storage

Reduce your companies impact of rising energy costs

Storage systems with UPS capability provide flexibility and economy

  • Peak shaving
  • Load levelling
  • Optimised power take-up (7000 h rule)
  • Day-to-night energy transfer
  • Flexibly definable energy reserve
  • Storage during low-load conditions
  • Boost power during high-load conditions
  • Suitable for lead and lithium batteries
  • Optimising internal consumption
  • Reliable UPS operation (VFI-SS-111)
  • Reactive power compensation

ENERTRONIC Modular Storage covers load management functions such as load levelling and peak shaving

Key hardware for your company's energy transition

Hardware for multiple applications

BENNING supplies modular architecture – based on tried & tested industry grade UPS systems – for construction of cost-effective energy storage systems

UPS as hardware base for Energy Storage systems - Schematic Image

Turnkey – your turnkey energy systems solutions, from a single source

The construction of an energy storage system in conjunction with the ENERTRONIC Modular Storage UPS system achieves the maximum of flexibility and profitability

Versatile use, as chargers, energy storage, UPS system and for renewable energies - Diagram

BENNING offers turnkey solutions both for grid-dependent and for off grid self-managed systems.

These systems comprise a range of outputs of up to a megawatt for a single power feed. In addition, even larger systems can be installed, with further power feeds within a single user’s network.

Furthermore, this decentralised scalability enables optimised, cost-effective integration into existing infrastructures.

Finally, you can make use of modular UPS technology to upgrade or retrofit your existing power storage systems to the level of smart power supply systems with independent capability.

Turnkey Solutions by BENNING - Circle
Support throughout life-cycle

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