Power Cube NG – TEBECHOP 3000 SE

  • Rectifier systems with modular technology
  • scalable, robust and cost-effective
  • designed for rugged Industrial and Utility applications
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TEBECHOP SE rectifiers developed to endure the highest demands

Maximum availability for essential areas of application in industry

Our revolutionary BENNING Power Cube NG is designed to address critical DC load powering and battery charging requirements in a wide range of stationary battery applications. 3000 SE Compact Rectifiers combine rugged dependability with the latest high frequency power conversion design, to provide you with the highest quality high frequency rectifiers on the market today. These units are modular in design and can be equipped to meet all of your DC Power requirements. This system features a much smaller size, advanced display interface and reduced weight when compared to previous generations of battery chargers. In addition, higher efficiencies will contribute to significant energy and operating savings.

Main advantages

Maximum availability
  • First-class design and high quality components created to operate in harsher industrial conditions
  • n+1 (and/or n+r) redundancy
  • The reliability that comes with hot-plug technology
  • High MTBF, low MTTR
Maximum flexibility of application and investment
  • Extensive range of alarm, status & monitoring functions, including HTML, SNMP, Modbus
  • Sinusoidal mains current input / low input distortion
  • Low output ripple and excellent dynamic output characteristics
  • Can be operated with or without a battery
  • Straightforward scalable system performance
Minimum operating costs
  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency of operation even at partial-load
  • High output density, consequently taking up less footprint wherever it’s installed

Ideally equipped for the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow

Maximum availability and flexible power expansion on the basis of n + r redundancy (pay as you grow)

TEBECHOP SE rectifier systems combine straightforward, flexible power adjustment (scalability) with high availability and excellent energy efficiency.

The essential building blocks of these rectifier systems are power modules with reliable hot-plug technology that can be increased when power output requirements increases.

Redundant systems (e.g. n + r redundancy) can be designed in order to achieve additional uptime availability.

19” rack insert with TEBECHOP 3000 SE rectifier modules

Each rectifier module supplies a maximum out- put power of 1800 W or 3000 W. Up to 5 power modules can be installed, to provide a power output range from 1800 W up to 15,000 W.

High efficiency, even at partial load

TEBECHOP SE series rectifiers offer very high levels of efficiency even within the load range of 25% to 90%. In systems with a high output, significant savings in electrical power can be achieved using this highly efficient range of rectifiers.

Low MTTR (Mean Times To Repair) and low maintenance and servicing costs

TEBECHOP SE rectifiers combine optimum reliability and shortest repair times in a system which meets the highest requirements for availability and quality in a reliable power supply system. Due to the “hot-swap” capability, each module can be easily replaced in less than 30 seconds. If replacement modules are available on site, the corresponding emergency intervention, or just routine servicing and repair tasks, can be readily carried out by the plant operator’s trained staff. On this basis, repair times (MTTR) can be minimized simultaneously combined with maximized system uptime.

Power supply frontview hotplug 19 inch modules
TEBECHOP 3000 SE rectifier modules
Monitoring control unit of DC power supply systen
MCU 3000 - This Version includes a 10.4” touch screen

Straightforward, safe operation combined with extensive reporting and monitoring functions

As an option, the MCU 3000 can be used for control and remote monitoring of the power supply systems. Controls are logically tailored to the user’s requirements, and offer clear, precise and comprehensive indication of all of the required readings and settings.

The MCU’s advantages include an integrated web server and, in addition to remote maintenance which, for example, provided by BENNING’s 360° service solution, enables the option of connecting up to various network topologies.



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