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Rectifier Series SE: Telecom Power Supplies

Telecom Power Supplies Rectifier Series SE - DC-Output Power
DC Output Power

Flexible, efficient, and reliable

Established more than 70 years ago, BENNING is a leading supplier of power supplies in support of the information, telecommunications, and industrial technology sectors.

Additionally, the weight and volume of the rectifiers and distribution units has also been reduced during development, leading to further practical benefits and reduced resource use.

The highly efficient and innovative SE series provides a reduction in electrical energy consumption, lessening your environmental impact. Using less energy means there is less heat to dissipate, which in turn results in a reduced need for cooling.

As an example, using the new SE series rectifier reduces the environmental impact of a DC supply rated at 6kW by 2,373kWh and 1.19t of C02 on an annual basis.

elecom Power Supplies Rectifier Series SE - DC-Output Power
Comparison of the annual values (power loss and CO2) of 6.0 kW DC power supplies

Special Features:

  • extremely high power density reduces 'footprint'
  • high efficiency >96% under partial load
  • dc output with consistent power and temperature characteristics
  • reliable hot plug technology
  • automatic synchronization of the DC rectifier modules when replacing and upgrading
  • commissioning, expansion, and replacement is a simple process
  • operating temperature range -33°C to +75°C (for outdoor use)
  • remote monitoring via TCP/IP or modem

SLIMLINE SE: Modular DC Power Supply Systems

9 x SLIMLINE rectifier 2000 SE with distribution 18000 SE DC output 48 V / 18000 W

SLIMLINE SE power supply systems are built from individual modules with capacities of 800W (SLIMLINE 800 SE) and 2,000W (SLIMLINE 2000 SE). The SLIMLINE SE rectifier modules are installed in 19" 1U carriers. Each carrier can accommodate up to five 48V- 800 SE modules or three 48V-2000 SE modules.

Systems with different battery capacities and load configurations can be created. Distribution modules are designed to fit 19" racks and are 1U or 3U high, depending upon the number of output feeds required. The rectifier carrier, rectifier modules, battery protection devices, and output distribution equipment form a complete modular SLIMLINE SE power supply system (SLIMLINE Modular System ≡ SMS).

BENNING's smallest capacity power supply system (SMS 2400 SE) accommodates up to three rectifier modules (48V-800 SE) in a 1U 19" carrier together with a battery protection and load distribution unit (4000 SE) in a second 1U 19" enclosure.

The SMS 4000 SE increases the maximum power to 4,000W. This system consists of a 1U carrier with up to five rectifier modules (48V-800 SE) plus the battery protection and load distribution unit 4000 SE.

Larger capacities up to 6,000W (SMS 6000 SE) are possible using the 48V-2000 SE modules. A 1U 19" carrier can accommodate up to three of these rectifiers, and can be combined with the battery protection and load distribution unit 6000 SE.

A capacity of up to 18,000W (SMS 18000 SE) can be achieved by connecting in parallel three 6000 SE rectifier carriers. These can then be combined with the 3U 19" battery protection and load distribution unit 18000 SE. Even greater capacities can be realized by the parallel connection of further carriers.

A SLIMLINE control board is provided for rectifier control and monitoring purposes. A SLIMLINE MCU is available as an option for additional monitoring functionality. In the case of the SMS 2400 SE the SLIMLINE MCU is mounted in the rectifier carrier. In power supplies with greater capacity, the SLIMLINE MCU is mounted in the battery protection and load distribution enclosure.

For more comprehensive control and monitoring functions, the remote mounted monitoring system MCU 2500 is available.

TEBECHOP 13500 SE: Modular Power Supply Systems

TEBECHOP 13500 SE Modular Power Supply Systems

The new 48V TEBECHOP 13500 SE rectifier is ideally suited to power supply systems with a load requirement greater than 50kW.

The 3U high, 19" mounting unit has a three-phase main input connection, active power factor correction (power factor 0.99), and supplies a constant output power of 13,500W. The output current is 250A at 2.25V /c (battery float voltage).

The TEBECHOP 13500 SE is particularly energy efficient within the 25% to 90% load range . For larger capacity systems, proportionately more energy can be saved when using this rectifier series. Higher energy efficiency results in reduced heat output. In most cases, this leads to a reduced demand for cooling or ventilation, saving even more energy.

The compact installation height (3U) of the TEBECHOP 13500 SE, together with the low power loss and improved efficiency, allows up to 10 rectifier modules to be installed in a single cabinet 2000mm high x 600mm wide x 600mm deep. To complete the system, battery protection and load distribution cabinets are available. These cabinets can also accommodate assemblies such as the MCU 2500.

TEBECHOP 13500 SE Rectifier: Output currents vs. output voltages
TEBECHOP 13500 SE Rectifier: Output currents vs. output voltages
TEBECHOP 13500 SE Rectifier Shelf: Efficiency vs. output power
TEBECHOP 13500 SE Rectifier Shelf: Efficiency vs. output power

OUTDOOR Power Solutions

Together with our national and international mobile network operators BENNING has designed several different power solutions for outdoor applications.

With this experience, BENNING is one of the best partners for the design and roll-out of a wide range of outdoor power solution projects.

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