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FIT-FORM-FUNCTION: Retrofitting of DC Power Supply Systems

FIT-FORM-FUNCTION program – Comparison of annual values
Comparison of annual values (power loss and CO2) of 6.0 kW DC power supply systems

During the last few years, the BENNING company has invested in the development of highly efficient power supply systems to facilitate the efficient and safe operation of systems for information and communication technologies (ICT).

Here, the focus was on increasing the efficiency with regard to the conversion of AC current into DC current for rectifiers, and of DC current into AC current for inverters and UPS systems.

BENNING now offers the FIT-FORM-FUNCTION retrofit of existing DC power supply systems (made by BENNING) by replacing older rectifier plug-in modules with modern TEBECHOP SE devices.

This is possible thanks to easy plug & play installation, without any downtime.

As shown in image to the right, the new TEBECHOP SE devices reduce the system's power loss by more than 50 %. This example shows the possible savings regarding electric energy and CO2 emissions of a DC power supply  system after being retrofitted with the new TEBECHOP SE rectifier plug-in modules.

Advantages of Retrofitting:

  • increased energy efficiency
  • reduction of electrical energy costs
  • reduction of CO2 emissions
  • conservation of resources by re-utilizing the existing system infrastructure (cabinet, monitoring, cabling, fuses, etc.)
  • lower investment costs when compared to new systems
  • improved system availability


The following TEBECHOP SE rectifier modules are available for retrofit:

1. TEBECHOP 2000 SE-712 rectifier plug-in module of 1/4 19" and 48 V - 40 A for the replacement of 1/4 19" rectifier plug-in modules of 48 V - 33 A

2. TEBECHOP 2000 SE-753 rectifier plug-in module of 1/6 19" and 48 V - 40 A for the replacement of 1/6 19" rectifier plug-in modules of 48 V - 50 A

3. TEBECHOP 12000 SE-127 rectifier plug-in module of 19" and 48 V - 225 A for the replacement of older rectifier plug-in modules of 48 V - 225 A with the same mechanisms and connection configuration.

Retrofitting using the rectifier plug-in modules listed under item 3 requires additional cabling in the rectifier cabinet (addition of neutral conductor).

FIT-FORM-FUNCTION programm - range
Rectifier plug-in modules for the FIT-FORM-FUNCTION retrofit program

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