Modular Inverters

for Industry, Telecom, and Data/IT

Modular Three Phase Inverter System

Introducing AC Priority

Increased efficiency and system life

INVERTRONIC modular: Three-Phase Inverter System

An ever increasing number of mission critical loads in information, telecommunication, and industrial applications demand continuous power protection and availability in the event of main utility power failure, and reasonable power quality in the event of critical main utility power conditions. On public network, major loads, as well as lightning strikes, generate dynamic overvoltages, undervoltages, sags / brownouts, and transients.

An AC Priority option for INVERTRONIC modular systems is now available. This options allows the loads to be powered by the incoming AC Bypass power during normal operation of the inverter system. In the event of a fault with the AC power, the AC Priority switch will feed the load from the inverter power instead. This provides greater operating efficiencies, as the conversion step is bypassed, which also reduces wear on these components.

General Features

General Features

  • three-phase
  • IGBT inverters
  • use of existing battery & 
rectifier infrastructure
  • power range: 10 kVA to 120 kVA
  • input voltages
    • 48 VDC Standard (125VDC/180kVA system available upon request)
    • 120/208 V +N Bypass Input
    • 480/277 V +N Bypass Input (with special build)
  • output voltages
    • 120/208 V +N ± 5 % adjustable (10 kVA module)
    • 230/400 V +N ± 5 % adjustable
    • 480/277 V +N (with special build)
  • 19" module
  • compact, modular, fail-safe
  • No rear cabinet clearance required
  • circuit design
    • Digital controller


Maximum Availability

Maximum Availability

  • n+1 redundancy
  • stand-alone modules
  • extensive signaling and 
monitoring functions
  • static bypass switch
  • service bypass
  • high quality output power 

  • galvanically 
Inverter Range INVERTRONIC modular
Inverter Range INVERTRONIC modular

Highest Economic Efficiency

Highest Economic Efficiency

  • energy-efficient
  • easy adaptation of system power
  • low volume and weight
  • hot plug
  • plug and play


Efficiency as function of output power
Efficiency as function of output power

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