Battery controller with radio transmission

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BATCOM plus: Record/analyze the status/utilization of your battery fleet

It is essential for battery-powered forklifts to have an exceptional availability level these days in order to operate reliably and efficiently.

Monitoring of the charging and discharging behavior of the batteries and the battery temperatures, and electrolyte levels is important for maximizing the operational status of the vehicle fleet. The recording and monitoring of the battery status is also extremely important in the continuously expanding leasing and rental business with long operating period assurances.

With the BATCOM plus battery controller with radio frequency transmission, it is possible to record, store, and query the relevant operating data that is communicated between the forklift, the drive battery, and the charger.

The following data is stored:

Overall data:

  • Number of charging cycles
  • Number of intermediate charging cycles
  • Frequency and duration of low electrolyte level
  • Frequency and duration of high and low temperature levels
  • Frequency and duration of deep discharging

The following are displayed with the date and time:

  • Charging/discharging data
  • High and low temperature
  • Low electrolyte level
  • Deep discharging
  • Amount of current loaded and removed (Ah) during the respective charging and discharging cycles
LED indicators in the housing of the BATCOM plus signal the following operating statuses
LED indicators in the BATCOM plus denotes the operational statuses seen above

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