Industrial power supplies - maximum availability & efficiency

For decades, BENNING has been supplying modular AC and DC power supplies for battery-supported power supply of electronic systems in telecommunications, industry, medical and data technology. These include:

Modular industrial power supplies are well established even under the harsh conditions of industrial use, due to their high availability, economic efficiency and ease of servicing, e.g.

Benefits of modular industrial power supplies:

  • Maximum availability, cost-effective redundancy solutions
  • Low volume and weight
  • reliable modular hot-plug technology
  • Short repair times (MTTR)
  • Simple scalability of system performance (pay as you grow)
  • high energy efficiency

Industrial Rectifier Systems

Rectifier systems and DC/DC converters

In many industry sectors, the electrical consumers used must be protected against the failure of the public grid by means of a backup power supply. For this purpose, rectifier devices with batteries connected in parallel have been used for many years.

Rectifier series designed for building reliable industrial power supplies: ADC Modular, TEBECHOP SE, THYROTRONIC, Rectifier NPP

Rectifier system ADC modular

The ADC modular series are highly efficient modular rectifiers that are particularly suitable for industrial use but also for the power supply of telecommunications systems. Together with lead or NiCd batteries connected in parallel, these rectifiers can be expanded to battery-supported backup power supplies.

Features of this rectifier series:

  • n+1 redundancy
  • Performance range: 300W to 2400W
  • Wide range input: 93V - 264V without derating
  • suitable for all common output voltages: 12 V, 24 V, 48 V, 60 V, 108 – 110 V, 216 – 220 V
Modular industrial power supplies with the BENNING rectifier series ADC
Rectifier and power supply system of the ADC series
Left: 19" ADC rectifier module
Right: Modular DC rectifier system

TEBECHOP SE rectifiers and DC converters

With the TEBECHOP SE product line, a new generation of highly efficient modular rectifiers and DC converters is at your disposal, which meets all the needs of sensitive and process-critical systems.

In combination with lead or NiCd batteries connected in parallel, this line of rectifiers can be expanded to battery-supported backup power supplies and includes:

Modular industrial backup power supplies with the BENNING rectifier series TEBECHOP SE
Rectifier rack and power supply system type TEBECHOP SE
Left: 19” rectifier rack with five power modules TEBECHOP 3000 SE
Right: DC power supply system 54 kW, (four rectifier modules TEBECHOP 13500 SE)

Maximum availability, highest application and investment flexibility, minimised operating costs

  • Design and high-quality components, created for the tough conditions of the industry
  • n+1 (or n+r) redundancy
  • reliable hot-plug technology
  • Extensive signalling and monitoring functions, e.g. B. via HTML, SNMP, Modbus or Profibus, IEC 61850
  • high MTBF low MTTR
  • Easily scalable system performance
19" rack with three convection-cooled BENNING rectifiers TEBECHOP 3000 SE
19" industrial rectifier module with three convection-cooled TEBECHOP 3000 SE industrial rectifier modules and an output power of 1500 W per module
Industrial rectifier module with 1/5 19" industrial rectifiers TEBECHOP 3000 SE
TEBECHOP SE rectifier for a safe power supply
• low MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and low maintenance costs
• Each module can be replaced in under ten minutes thanks to "hot-swap" capability

Industrial rectifier THYROTRONIC

The THYROTRONIC industrial rectifier series is particularly convenient to use with battery-supported DC power supplies and, in addition to great reliability, offers a comprehensive signaling and monitoring concept.
Designed as an industrial power supply, these robust monoblock rectifier systems work with an electronically controlled output characteristic (IU characteristic according to DIN 41773).

Typical areas of application for these thyristor-controlled backup power supplies are:

Two of the robust BENNING THYROTRONIC industrial power supply systems
Monobloc industrial power supplies of the THYROTRONIC type
• Industrial rectifier systems with fully controlled three-phase thyristor bridge
• galvanically isolated, power supply with power range 0.6 kW - 1 MW

Nuclear Plant Power Supply

Electronically controlled rectifier systems, in conjunction with the appropriate lead or NiCd batteries, form secure power supply systems that supply vital nuclear power plant consumers with electricity both when the grid is available and in the event of a grid failure.

These include:

  • the power plant control technology
  • Signalling, control and protection electronics
  • Telemetry and remote control technology
  • DC and AC motors
  • Magnetic valves

These BENNING rectifiers can be used for power supply in conventional coal, gas or water power plants as well as in nuclear power plants.

Power supplies from BENNING - safety around the clock

  • Designed to supply power plants in earthquake-prone areas
  • Use of special cabinets that are approved as earthquake-proof

Industrial Inverter Systems

Inverters for safe industrial power supplies

Irregularities in the public supply network cannot be prevented due to the feedback effects of large consumers being switching on or off at peak consumption times and due to lightning strikes. Static inverters are increasingly being used to supply loads that require AC voltage that is unaffected by disruptions in the public grid, e.g. for power supply of:

Inverter series: INVERTRONIC, INVERTRONIC compact, INVERTRONIC modular, KKW Inverters

Inverter single and three phase

With these industrial inverters, very robust single and three-phase IGBT inverter systems (power range 10 kVA - 200 kVA) are available for tough industrial applications, for example as:

These inverters are connected to battery-backed DC grids and reliably supply critical loads with good quality power. The existing battery and rectifier infrastructure can remain in use.

Two IGBT industrial inverters to set up industrial power supplies
INVERTRONIC Monoblock industrial power supplies
• Single and three-phase IGBT industrial inverter systems
• galvanically isolated, power supply with power range 10 kVA - 200 kVA

Modular 19" inverters

With the INVERTRONIC compact inverter series, BENNING offers safe and cost-efficient, single-phase, modular inverter systems. In combination with the TEBECHOP SE modular rectifier systems, the final product is a flexible, adaptable and cost-efficient platform for setting up complete battery-supported backup power supplies with maximum availability.

These industrial power supplies are characterised by:

  • n+1 redundancy
  • autonomous inverter modules (hot plug)
  • extensive reporting and monitoring functions
  • EUE and service bypass as separate hot-plug modules
  • galvanic isolation
Block diagram of the modular architecture of the industrial power supply system
Industrial power supply system with modular architecture, block diagram with modular rectifiers, inverters and DC converters

Three-phase 19" inverters

Compared to three-phase monoblock systems, INVERTRONIC modular inverters have a lower volume and weight. With n+1 redundancy, the parallel connection of the inverter modules results in power supply systems with maximum availability and a power range of 10 kVA – 180 kVA.

Advantages of these inverters when setting up industrial power supplies:

  • Easily scalable system performance
  • each 19" inverter module has its own electronic switching device (SBS)
  • Short MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)
  • Highest availability through n+1 redundancy
  • highly energy efficient due to good system efficiency factor even in the partial load range
  • lower system volume and weight reduce the required space and simplify transport and installation of the system
Inverter (90 kVA) and a module for setting up industrial power supplies
INVERTRONIC modular three-phase inverter system
Left: 19" inverter rack
Right: Modular inverter system for setting up industrial power supplies

Nuclear Power Plant Inverter

These single and three-phase inverter systems meet the rigorous safety requirements for power supply systems installed in nuclear power plants (NPP). They are designed for a long service life of such systems of more than 40 years. The inverters are built and tested according to the quality requirements for 1-E nuclear power plant applications.

Features of these power supply systems

  • Single and three phase systems
  • Extremely dimensioned
  • Power range 5 kVA – 400 kVA
  • Reliable in operation
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Superior quality of output power

BENNING’s Nuclear power plant inverters - safety around the clock

  • designed to supply nuclear power plants in earthquake-prone areas
  • Use of robust cabinets that are approved as earthquake-proof

Industrial UPS Systems

UPS systems single and three-phase

A static UPS system not only has the task of supplying the connected loads continuously and without interruption, but should also achieve a significant improvement in voltage and frequency quality compared to the normal network. Maximum availability and economical operation are important selection criteria, especially for large UPS systems. BENNING’s product lines ENERTRONIC modular and ENERTRONIC I meet these requirements.

These BENNING UPS systems are used as power supply in the following sectors:

  • In petrochemical plants and refineries
  • In power plants and substations
  • For process computers
  • For control rooms and SCADA systems

UPS systems Series: ENERTRONIC modular and ENERTRONIC I

UPS systems series: ENERTRONIC modular and ENERTRONIC I
UPS systems Series: ENERTRONIC modular and ENERTRONIC I


The UPS ENERTRONIC I complies with the highest UPS classification VFI SS 111 according to IEC / EN 62040-3 and stands for maximum safety and economic efficiency, based on the following features:

  • Input power factor of ≥ 0.99
  • Mains feedback (THDi) < 5 %.
  • High voltage stability, even with major load changes
  • Particularly suitable for non-linear loads
  • Electronic changeover unit (EUE) and internal service bypass
  • Extensive reporting and monitoring functions

This robust UPS system is used to supply petrochemical plants, power plants, substations and more.

ENERTRONIC I UPS system as a power supply system with IP21
UPS system ENERTRONIC I with touch panel
• Single and three-phase UPS system design for industrial applications
• Galvanically isolated UPS system for safe power supply


In process-critical applications, the reliability of a UPS system must not be compromised by cutbacks. Therefore, each ENERTRONIC modular SE UPS module is a highly efficient online UPS (VFI-SS-111). The UPS system achieves an availability of 99.9999%.

Main features:

  • Very short repair time (MTTR)
  • Hot-swap
  • n+1 redundancy
  • No single point of failure
  • Redundant circuits in each module
  • Decentralised parallel architecture
  • Up to 99% efficiency
  • Simple scaling up to 1000 kW
  • Input power factor ≥ 0.99
  • Very high overload capacity
Modular UPS system (VFI-SS-111) for industrial applications
UPS System ENERTRONIC modular SE
19" UPS module of a highly efficient online UPS
ENERTRONIC modular SE, 40 kW module

Video of the UPS system ENERTRONIC modular SE

  • Each UPS module is a highly efficient online UPS (VFI-SS-111)
  • Total Input Distortion (THDi) < 3%, Input Power Factor ≥ 0.99

Hybrid UPS energy storage systems for industrial use

Bye-bye Blackout: Energy storage with EMS and UPS function

UPS-enabled storage systems offer economic efficiency and fast payback combined with safety for the critical load.

The critical loads are protected from mains disturbances by the UPS. At the same time, the system takes on load management tasks in conjunction with the "on-board" energy management system (EMS) and can therefore generate a high additional financial benefit compared to systems without a storage function.

Hybrid UPS energy storage system, standalone operation, with EMS, block diagram
System overview: UPS ENERTRONIC modular storage / capable of stand-alone operation
UPS-capable storage system, UPS system, energy storage, touch display
UPS-capable storage system ENERTRONIC modular storage with touch display

The ENERTRONIC modular storage combines energy storage, UPS and energy management system (EMS). It can be individually configured, increases efficiency, reduces your operating costs and maximises security of supply.

Advantages of this UPS energy storage system:

  • Stores PV energy and uses it flexibly
  • Grid stabilisation through load balancing (peak-shaving) and primary control power
  • Quick charge booster with the same mains connection value
  • Black start and isolated operability
  • Reduces energy and operating costs

Modernisation or retrofitting is worthwhile, e.g. as part of a retrofit of existing UPS or storage systems (lead/Li-Ion batteries).

This is good news for all operators of ENERTRONIC modular SE UPS systems, as these systems can make full use of the energy storage functions as part of an upgrade.

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Peak Load Management - ENERTRONIC Modular Storage - Hybrid energy storage systems

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GBR BENNING Power Electronics UK Ltd

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BENNING Power Electronics (UK) Ltd.
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RG 40 4QW
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GBR BENNING Power Electronics UK Ltd

+44 (0) 1189 731506


BENNING Power Electronics (UK) Ltd.
Oakley House, Hogwood Lane
RG 40 4QW
United Kingdom

GBR BENNING Power Electronics UK Ltd

+44 (0) 1189 731506


BENNING Power Electronics (UK) Ltd.
Oakley House, Hogwood Lane
RG 40 4QW
United Kingdom