Telecom Power supply systems – economical and highly available

BENNING has been supplying battery-based AC and DC power supplies to various mobile and fixed network operators worldwide for decades and has invested heavily in the development of highly efficient power supplies for energy-saving and reliable operation.

Today, BENNING is regarded as one of the leading suppliers of highly efficient power supplies for the safe operation of information and telecommunications technology systems. Individual modules of different power ratings are available for the construction of complete power supply systems. Telecom power supply systems of up to several thousand amperes can be set up using parallel connection.

The efficient basis for this is made up of our:

Highest operational safety and maximum availability
  • Highly reliable
  • Short repair times (MTTR)
  • Operationally safe hot-swap or hot-plug modularity
  • Decentralised parallel architecture
  • Remote monitoring via TCP/IP
  • Maximum supply quality
Minimised operating costs (system, maintenance and environment)
  • High efficiencies even in the partial load range
  • Sustainable investment security thanks to "pay as you grow" scalability
  • Low effort for installation, commissioning and expansion
User space allows for optimum use
  • Extremely high power density and thus low space requirement at the installation site
  • Variable component concept consisting of rectifiers, inverters, EUEs, DC converters, and more

Telecom Rectifier Systems

Modular rectifier systems for telecommunications

In many areas of telecommunication, information, network and data technology, electrical consumers are used that must be secured against the failure of the public grid by a backup power supply. For this purpose, rectifier devices with batteries connected in parallel have been used for many years.

Rectifier series designed for building reliable telecom power supplies: SLIMLINE 2000 NG, SLIMLINE 3000 NG, TEBECHOP 13500 SE

SLIMLINE NG Telecom power supplies - an cost-efficient solution for every requirement

Modular telecom power sources with the BENNING rectifier series SLIMLINE 2000 NG
The 19" 1U SLIMLINE Carrier can accommodate either five 48 V and 2 000 W rectifier modules (SLIMLINE 2000 NG) combined with a SLIMLINE Controller or six rectifier modules.
Modular telecom power sources with the BENNING rectifier series SLIMLINE 3000 NG
The 19" 1U SLIMLINE Carrier can accommodate either four rectifier modules of 48 V and 3 000 W each (SLIMLINE 3000 NG) combined with a SLIMLINE Controller or five rectifier modules.

The new SLIMLINE NG rectifier series covers the entire range of mobile radio applications, from the Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) to the Base Station Controller (BSC) and the individual radio cell base stations (Base Transceiver Station or BTS). The power supply systems thus secure the entire transmission technology (LTE, 5G, VOIP, TV, servers, etc.) against network failures.

They are precisely tailored to the requirements of the telecommunications network operators. These include:

  • Highest operating safety
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • User space that allows for optimum use
  • Flexibility (pay as you grow)

This generation of telecom rectifiers not only contributes significantly to a low total cost of ownership (TCO), but also considerably reduces the costs and time required for installation or maintenance in new or converted radio sites due to the modular component concept.

The Telecom rectifiers of the SLIMLINE NG series are designed for reliable operation in the following power ranges:

  • Small outputs up to 4000 W
  • Medium power up to 34 kW (e.g. for mobile radio stations)
  • High power up to 400 kW (e.g. for telecom hubs and distribution stations)

Due to the high degree of modularisation, it is possible for us to plan, configure and deliver customised telecom power supply systems at very short notice.

Modular Telecom Power Supplies with Rectifiers, Inverters and MCU
Telecom power supplies with rectifier (72 kW right, or 90 kW left) and inverter (7.5 kVA) in one system as well as 10.4" touch display of the MCU 3000 system controller built into the cabinet door.

Telecom rectifier series TEBECHOP 13500 SE

The 48 V telecom rectifier plug-in unit TEBECHOP 13500 SE is particularly suitable for setting up telecom power supply systems with consumer powers > 50 kW. The 3U high 19" rack features:

  • A three-phase mains connection
  • An active power factor correction (power factor 0.99)
  • A constant output power of 13500 W

This powerful telecom rectifier is very energy efficient and operates in the load range of 25 % to 90 % with a very high efficiency. For systems with a high output, the use of this rectifier series results in correspondingly high savings in electrical energy.

19 inch telecom power supply TEBECHOP SE (48 V DC - 250 A)
19" rectifier module TEBECHOP 13500 SE (48 V DC - 250 A) for setting up Telecom DC power supplies


Telecom FIT-FORM-FUNCTION Retrofit of DC power supplies

BENNING now offers the possibility of FIT-FORM-FUNCTION modernisation of existing (BENNING) Telecom DC power supplies by replacing older rectifier plug-in units with modern TEBECHOP SE rectifier units.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Reduction of electrical energy costs
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Resource conservation through continued use of the existing system infrastructure (cabinet, monitoring, cabling, fuses, etc.)
  • Lower investment costs compared to new systems
  • Improvement of the system availability

Enhancements are possible without downtime through simple "plug & play".

Modernising the telecom rectifiers by simply replacing individual components
Replacing rectifiers quickly and easily without changing the system infrastructure

Telecom Inverter Systems

Inverters for safe and economical telecom power supplies

Modular 19" inverters

With the INVERTRONIC compact inverter series, BENNING offers safe and cost-efficient, single-phase, modular inverter systems. Combined with the modular rectifier systems TEBECHOP SE or SLIMLINE NG, this results in a very flexible and economic platform for the construction of complete battery-supported backup power supplies of highest availability. These telecom power supplies are characterised by:

  • n+1 redundancy
  • autonomous inverter modules (hot plug)
  • Extensive reporting and monitoring functions
  • EUE and service bypass as separate hot-plug modules
  • galvanic isolation
  • High efficiency
Block diagram showing the modular architecture of the telecom power supply system
Telecom power supply system with modular architecture; block diagram with rectifiers, inverters and DC converters

Three-phase 19" inverters

Compared to three-phase monoblock systems, INVERTRONIC modular inverters have a lower volume and weight. The parallel connection of the inverter modules with n+1 redundancy helps create power supply systems with the highest availability and a power range of 10 kVA - 180 kVA.

Advantages of these inverters when setting up telecom power supplies:

  • Easily scalable system performance
  • each 19" inverter module has its own electronic switching device (SBS)
  • Short MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)
  • Highest availability through n+1 redundancy
  • highly energy efficient due to good system efficiency factor even in the partial load range
  • lower system volume and weight reduce the required space and simplify transport and installation of the system
Inverter (90 kVA) and a module for setting up telecom power supplies
INVERTRONIC modular three-phase inverter system
Left: 19" inverter rack
Right: Modular inverter system for setting up telecom power supplies

Telecom UPS Systems

UPS systems with maximum availability and cost-efficient operation

Disruptions or failures in the area of power supply can have far-reaching business and financial consequences - and this in almost all areas of the economy. These include, for example, IT and data technology, process automation, infrastructure (including resources & transport), oil, gas & petrochemicals and telecommunications. The above-mentioned areas have their own specific requirements, which are fully met by the reliable, flexible and highly efficient ENERTRONIC modular SE UPS systems.


In process-critical applications, the reliability of a UPS system must not be compromised by cutbacks. Therefore, each ENERTRONIC modular SE UPS module is a highly efficient online UPS (VFI-SS-111). The UPS system achieves an availability of 99.9999%.

Main features:

  • very short repair time (MTTR)
  • Hot-Swap
  • n+1 redundancy
  • No single point of failure
  • Redundant circuits in each module
  • Decentralised parallel architecture
  • Up to 99% efficiency
  • Simple scaling up to 1000 kW
  • Input power factor ≥ 0.99
  • Very high overload capacity
UPS system ENERTRONIC modular SE with 5 UPS modules
USV System ENERTRONIC modular SE (IT series)
UPS module of the ENERTRONIC Modular SE in 19 inch model
ENERTRONIC modular SE, 40 kW module (IT series)

Video of the UPS system ENERTRONIC modular SE

  • Each UPS module is a highly efficient online UPS (VFI-SS-111)
  • Total Input Distortion (THDi) < 3%, Input Power Factor ≥ 0.99


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GBR BENNING Power Electronics UK Ltd

+44 (0) 1189 731506


BENNING Power Electronics (UK) Ltd.
Oakley House, Hogwood Lane
RG 40 4QW
United Kingdom

GBR BENNING Power Electronics UK Ltd

+44 (0) 1189 731506


BENNING Power Electronics (UK) Ltd.
Oakley House, Hogwood Lane
RG 40 4QW
United Kingdom

GBR BENNING Power Electronics UK Ltd

+44 (0) 1189 731506


BENNING Power Electronics (UK) Ltd.
Oakley House, Hogwood Lane
RG 40 4QW
United Kingdom