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BENNING Test Equipment Cloud (BTEC) – A new approach to testing

Testing of portable equipment

BENNING Test Equipment Cloud - On various devices and in the middle the B-TEC logo

More and more electrical equipment is being used in both commercial and private applications. This increases the risk posed by faulty devices. Depending on the type of appliance and the damage present, this can even be life-threatening.

To counteract this risk, the inspection of electrical equipment in accordance with DGUV V3 has become increasingly important in recent years. At the same time, the number of mandatory tests is constantly increasing, causing an enormous amount of work for those responsible

In times when skilled labour is scarce, and with a high volume of orders in the electrical sector, working efficiently is the key to success. BENNING wants to streamline the testing process for operating equipment with the BENNING Test Equipment Cloud (BTEC), a new innovative online application. Previously necessary workflows are optimised, administrative processes are significantly simplified and the overall process is therefore much more efficient.

POWER news (PN) spoke to Matthias Kamps, BTEC Cloud Product Manager at BENNING, about the opportunities that the BTEC Cloud offers in terms of more efficient processes for checking electrical equipment and the documentation required.

Michael Kamps
Matthias Kamps,
BTEC Cloud Product Manager,

PN: Mr Kamps, in the BTEC Cloud presentation you just showed us, you often spoke of “streamlining” working methods through the interaction of testing hardware and software. Which processes are you referring to specifically?

Employees in a meeting during the presentation of the BTEC Cloud
Projects, e.g. divided into buildings and departments, are ideal for efficiently handling large inspection orders.

Kamps: After the test is before the test. The results must be documented and managed once the functional test has been completed, but at the same time, the planning stage of the next upcoming device tests begins. The same applies to both: Testing, data entry, maintenance, transfer and processing should be secure, intuitive and efficient. If this is not the case, for example due to a lack of coordination between hardware and software or overly complex operation, this increases the time required. As a result, the overall result suffers and profitability decreases.

PN: You addressed user-friendliness and ease of use. A great deal of experience is required to develop innovative, easy-to-use devices. What does BENNING have to offer here?

Kamps: BENNING is proud to have been offering first-class appliance testers for many years, which are orientated towards the requirements of professional users. The current BENNING ST 760(+) and BENNING ST 755(+) appliance testers in particular stand out thanks to their ease of use, high flexibility and optimised test sequences.

PN: The devices you mentioned are known on the market for their quality and user-friendliness, and the existing software is well developed and established. Why are you now breaking completely new ground with BTEC?

Kamps: Our developers did not simply convert the existing software into an online application. Instead, a completely new concept was developed and systematically implemented. So I think it would be more accurate to say: BTEC offers our users a new approach.

Schematic representation of the multi-user function in the BTEC Cloud
Multi-user capability

Several users can work in the cloud at the same time. Individual authorisations can be granted via flexible user role management.

Schematic representation of file transfer to the BTEC Cloud
Working with projects

“Working with projects” opens up completely new possibilities for organising work processes. For example, test orders can be easily prepared as required and sent out as a database.

Schematic representation of the release function in the BTEC Cloud
Shared directly

Data can be shared directly from the cloud using a simple sharing function. Created documentation can be easily sent to the client via a download link.

PN: Can you please explain this “new approach”?

Kamps: Let’s take a look at how easy and secure teamwork has become using the cloud. Thanks to the multi-user capability, several people can work on orders at the same time. Each employee receives personal access data to the cloud and can therefore record and generate data independently. Each employee’s authorisations can be individually adapted for this purpose. Thus, your data remains securely stored and every employee can be given the necessary freedom. All the data required for the order is available to the employee carrying out the work. Managers always have a complete overview by assigning projects and devices individually to employees. In addition, a notification is sent automatically as soon as a device needs to be calibrated so that this can be taken into account in good time when planning orders and capacities.

PN: The “new approach” seems to be data transfer directly from the place of use to the cloud. What does this mean for the processes on site and for downstream documentation?

Kamps: The latest firmware for the BENNING ST 760(+) and BENNING ST 755(+) appliance testers also considerably simplifies database transfer. The appliance testers can be connected to the Internet via WLAN / LAN and exchange data with the cloud quickly and easily. This eliminates the need for data transfer via an SD card or USB connection. As soon as the user has logged in with their personal access data, they can create and download the required database in the cloud. Once the tests have been completed, the new data is then uploaded to the cloud at the touch of a button. The data is immediately available online. You can start processing immediately in the office or create documentation on site using a mobile device. On request, customers receive a link to easily download their data records.

Woman with thumbs up and a BENNING employee during a test and measurement technology measurement
BENNING Test Equipment Cloud (BTEC) – A new approach to testing
Schematic representation of uploading and downloading databases to and from the BTEC Cloud
Your databases can be uploaded or downloaded to the BENNING Test Equipment Cloud directly via the WLAN interface or the network connection of the BENNING ST 760(+) and BENNING ST 755(+) appliance testers.

PN: The BENNING product portfolio offers a range of different appliance testers, some of which are optimised for specific applications. Are the current devices all compatible with the cloud?

Schematic representation of the integration of appliance testers into the BTEC Cloud
For the first time, you can now use the BTEC app to document and save test results with the compact BENNING ST 725 and ST 710 appliance testers.

Kamps: Our approach follows the motto: “Many appliance testers – one application.” For the first time, the new cloud application makes it possible to work flexibly with the current appliance testers from the BENNING range in parallel. Using the app for Android and iOS devices, not only the test results of the BENNING ST 760(+) and BENNING ST 755(+) appliance testers, but also the test results of the BENNING ST 725, BENNING ST 720 and BENNING ST 710 mobile appliance testers can be easily added to the database. The data is simply entered via the mobile device. The mobile device’s camera acts as a barcode and QR code scanner to quickly identify the test specimen. The cloud application is also being continuously developed. In this way, we guarantee our users future security and practice-orientated further development. This means that our customers can already look forward to the integration of further devices and features.

PN: Interesting, so ideally the data streams from all appliance testers should converge in a central database. Doesn’t this place high demands on the clarity of the presentation and data management in general?

Kamps: Although all test data is stored in the same place, the structure is simple and uncluttered. Flexible filter and search functions make it easy to find the information you need. In addition, the “Work with projects” function simplifies the test for complex company structures. The work processes involved can be streamlined and made more efficient, as the creation of a project means that checks are divided into individual work packages and assigned to the relevant employees for processing / checking. Dashboards are available for a comprehensive, informative overview at any time.

BENNING Test Equipment Cloud in detail

1. Clear file management

2. Create and edit test items online

3. Central overview of test items

4. All test results available anytime and anywhere

PN: In our opinion, the applications and frequency of use are just as varied as the BENNING appliance testers, aren’t they? How do you take account of these differences in your user and customer structure when using or licensing cloud services?

Kamps: Yes, you’ve got that right. The wide range of applications for appliance testing extends from in-house testing of a few items of equipment to service technicians or service providers with several thousand customers and test specimens. The BENNING Test Equipment Cloud offers a suitable service package for every requirement profile. Each package can be customised to meet individual requirements in a clearly structured display.

PN: Does this mean that each user chooses the package that best suits their needs?

Kamps: The BTEC scope of services differs in the number of users that are licensed, the number of test items to be tested and the size of the available storage space. This enables the optimum price-performance package for every requirement. – So yes, every customer chooses the scope of services that suits them best! In addition, we are of course happy to offer so-called enterprise solutions in the event that the individual requirements actually go beyond the services specified in the packages. Our sales department then develops a customised offer together with the customer.

Customised cloud packages - for an easy start and flexible growth

With our BENNING Test Equipment Cloud, we offer you a suitable service package for every requirement profile. You can put together a package exactly according to your wishes and requirements in a clearly organised presentation.
The BTEC scope of services differs in the number of licensable users, the test items to be tested and the size of the available storage space.
This enables us to offer the optimum price-performance package for every requirement, because you choose the scope of services that best suits you!

PN: Mr Kamps, thank you for the interview. You clearly conveyed how the combination of the BENNING ST series appliance testers with the BENNING Test Equipment Cloud (BTEC) will simplify the testing of equipment in the future. Your approach, using balanced packages based on the number of users and not on a reduction in functionality, seems clear and fair. This makes the cloud application ideal for in-house repeat inspections as well as for service providers and service companies with very high test volumes. – Mr Kamps, do you have anything else to add, or do you wish to make a final statement about the “new approach”?

Kamps: With BTEC, our customers now have a forward-looking, smart cloud technology at their disposal. Those who use them consistently will streamline their work processes and at the same time raise inspections and documentation to a new level of quality. I would like to invite everyone: Try it now for three months free of charge!

Get started now and activate the three-month free trial period!

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author/contact: Matthias Kamps
telephone: +49 2871 93 591

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