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Safe and secure cruising at all times – with the ENERTRONIC modular SE on the high seas

Cruise specialist relies on high-availability, modular UPS systems from BENNING

The shipping company operates a total of more than 20 cruise ships and thus very complex systems that depend on UPS systems of the highest reliability to ensure the safety of their passengers. And now, since spring 2022, another ship of its fleet has been equipped with an ENERTRONIC modular SE from BENNING.

As floating small cities, these cruise ships have a self-sufficient power supply for the on-board energy infrastructure, which must be classified as particularly critical both in port and especially on the high seas.

Ultimately, a power failure on board would directly jeopardize the navigability and safety of the ship and all the people on board – not to mention the adverse effects on passenger comfort. Because not only the navigation, control and communication systems and the normal lighting require electrical power, but also safety equipment such as fire alarms and emergency lighting.

This is the background where BENNING was able to demonstrate its competence and the quality of its solutions for an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

ENERTRONIC modular SE, 200 kW (5 x 40 kW) Front mount
ENERTRONIC modular SE, 200 kW (5 x 40 kW)
ENERTRONIC modular SE, 40 kW module frontview
ENERTRONIC modular SE, 40 kW module

Smart integration

The solution recently implemented by BENNING on the cruise ship is an ENERTRONIC modular SE UPS, designed with IP22 protection degree, with a total power of 200 kVA provided by five 40 kVA power modules with inbuilt N+1 redundancy.

To meet the special requirements on the 275-meter-long ocean liner, the UPS is equipped with the MCU 3000 (Monitoring Control Unit 3000) remote monitoring system, which offers extensive reporting and monitoring functions as well as standard interfaces for connection to common PC systems. The MCU 3000 controller module is also capable of communicating locally with on-board services and (on request) remotely with BENNING engineers. The entire system is installed in the technical room on board the ship, more precisely in the Emergency Diesel Generator Room (EDG).

“With an efficient and well-coordinated implementation of the project, we were able to meet the customer’s high technical and scheduling expectations.
The prompt, proactive approach of our engineers, starting with the initial onboard inspection, through the planning phase, to the installation, contributed significantly to this. In addition, the after-sales service offered by BENNING provides real additional value, as it ensures that the UPS system will always remain in top condition throughout the product’s life on board.”

Alessandro Nalbone,
Managing Director, BENNING Italy

ENERTRONIC modular SE, 200 kW front mount
ENERTRONIC modular SE, 200 kW

No “Single Point of Failure”

The UPS solution is characterized by maximum availability, hot-swap capability and a consistently modular design with decentralized architecture and static bypass lines within each power module – i.e. by a parallel architecture of the modules that effectively excludes any “single point of failure”. For this purpose, all critical components including bypass and control units have been relocated to the module level and, in some cases, additionally designed with redundancy therein. To increase system availability, the implemented “Multiple Master” technology also enables each ENERTRONIC modular SE module to automatically switch to master or slave mode. The high power density also enables space-saving installation, which allows for the limited space on board.

In offering the ENERTRONIC modular SE UPS system, BENNING combines the advantages of maximum reliability and lowest repair times (MTTR) to create a UPS system that meets even extreme requirements for the availability and quality of a safe power supply. Thanks to the use of high-quality components and the generous dimensioning of the components in the critical path, the UPS system is thus optimally designed for critical application environments.  This applies to the use in cruise ships as well as to the areas of process automation and telecommunications or the gas, oil & petrochemical industry.

Lowest operating costs

Due to the scalability and the very high system efficiencies, even at partial load, particularly low ongoing operating costs are possible with the ENERTRONIC modular SE without restrictions in terms of voltage quality and system availability. From the cruise line’s point of view, the ENERTRONIC modular SE’s readiness for certification by Bureau Veritas or other marine certifiers spoke in favor of the BENNING solution, as did the advantage that the new UPS system could be optimally integrated into the space occupied by the previous system.
With these outstanding features, BENNING convinced the client that it could offer the optimal replacement for the original monolithic UPS that had been used by the ocean liner since its maiden voyage almost 20 years ago.

The Monitoring and Control Unit (MCU) supports a range of protocols and interfaces. The MCU 3000 system controller, which can be installed in the cabinet door of higher-output power supply systems, has a 10” touchscreen.

ENERTRONIC modular SE, 20 kW module front mount
ENERTRONIC modular SE, 20 kW module

Grown customer confidence

However, BENNING was able to gain points not only with the specifications of its technical solutions, but also through customer orientation and prompt as well as reliable service. The excellent experience dates back to the very first contact between the cruise specialist and BENNING Italy. The cruise line needed technical support for another ship in those days and was pleased with the responsive and positive resolution of the issue. Meanwhile, these BENNING systems have proven their long lasting operating life and easy serviceability on board.

Just-in-time installation

A new dimension of cooperation arose when, in 2021, BENNING was invited to bid for the renewal of the UPS on the ocean liner, which has been used in cruise operations for almost two decades, – and was promptly given preference over strong competitors. In the course of implementation, BENNING was able to master a number of scheduling and logistical challenges. For example, between the start of planning – during which BENNING engineers analyzed the old system on board the ship – and the installation of the new ENERTRONIC modular SE UPS, there was only around half a year.
The installation itself turned out to be particularly time-critical. There was only a short time slot available for it during the cruisers stay in dry dock in Malta in March 2022.
This meant that all processes had to be perfectly coordinated – which was achieved in full: the available time frame, especially for the work on board, was kept perfectly and the UPS system was properly commissioned.

ENERTRONIC modular SE, 40 kW module front mount
ENERTRONIC modular SE, 40 kW module

ENERTRONIC modular SE – the profile

The UPS system is scalable and grows with your demands

  • Maximum availability through:
    • Very high reliability
    • Very low mean time to repair (MTTR)
    • “Hot swap” modularity
    • Modular self-configuration for N+1 redundancy
    • Black-start capability
  • No single points of failure through:
    • Redundant critical circuits in each module
    • Multi-master operation
    • Decentralised parallel architecture
  • Lowest running costs through:
    • Up to 96 % efficiency in double conversion mode
    • Up to 99 % efficient in “super efficiency” mode
    • “Pay as you grow” scalability
  • Highest power quality through:
    • UPS classification VFI-SS-111
    • Input current total harmonic distortion (THDi) < 3 %
    • Input power factor ≥ 0.99 (adjustable)
    • Very high overload capability

Continuing on course for cooperation

This successfully completed project and the convincing performance of the ENERTRONIC modular SE during the further operation of the ocean liner, convinced the cruise line to award further projects with BENNING solutions. The client and BENNING are thus continuing on a course of partnership and the highly available, reliable ENERTRONIC modular UPS systems are contributing to safety on the high seas.

Further Information

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