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System components to meet the energy transition in the Munich conurbation

Adapting distribution grids to supply energy for EVs, and heat pumps in the greater Munich area

City map of Munich, Germany

In Munich, the regional capital of Bavaria, the “Mittlerer Ring” (intermediate ring road) – which is needed for almost all of the traffic in the area – is to receive a new, modern and advanced transformer substation as commissioned by Stadtwerke München Infrastruktur GmbH & Co. KG (abbreviated to “SWM”).
SWM’s extensive investments are intended to ensure a future-oriented power supply for the Neuhausen district, which is popular as a residential and business district, for decades to come.

Munich’s Mittlerer Ring or intermediate ring road, whose circumference extends to more than 29 kilometres – and which is Germany’s worst traffic system in terms of snarl-ups – is known in the city as a hot-spot for near-limit levels of atmospheric pollution. Consequently, this is precisely where compliance with limit values of pollution will depend on decarbonising both individual vehicles and those used for local public transport.

60 metrology stations dotted around this ring road are permanently monitoring pollution to the air which people are having to breathe. The information provided by this durable database may give rise to the need for restrictions on emissions-critical vehicle traffic in this environmentally mapped district of Munich.

Historic buildings with turrets and gables, munich district Neuhausen

Munich’s Neuhausen district

The Neuhausen district is located on part of the intermediate ring road. The city’s image is enhanced by the impressively substantial architecture of the residential houses and business buildings around the Rotkreuzplatz (a business quarter) and along the Nymphenburger Straße.
The surrounding streets are characterised by spacious, tree-lined residential areas and characteristic family houses dating from the beginning of the last century.

Entrance to the Neuhausen substation in Munich, Germany
The Neuhausen substation, which takes up a plot of land measuring 46 by 14 metres – and which presents a frontage 13 m high – is located directly on the Mittlerer Ring intermediate ring road and will be in the day-to-day sightline of thousands of people.
Battery system from the Neuhausen substation
The battery system, configured for redundancy, ensures that the substation can continue to operate in the long term, even if there are disruptions to the external power supply

Decarbonisation and the energy transition

Charging stations for EVs, and heat pumps to provide heating for residential and commercial buildings: these are objectives to which the city’s infrastructure must be adapted in order to fulfil the targets posted for the benefit of the environment and of the human population. One of the crucial components of this system is Neuhausen’s newly constructed transformer substation. The new building comes equipped with the most advanced technology, replacing the previous substation. Consequently the space it requires is just one third of the previous plot – and the project is configured to meet the challenges entailed in the provision of environmentally friendly power. So, it can be considered a meaningful step towards that urgently needed energy transition and towards de-polluting the local environment for the residents.

In the overall context of the building project, planners stipulated that the complex of buildings should enhance this well-greened district of the city, by way of a harmonious integration. And this was taken into account in the technical design of the whole frontage, such that the outline of the building, once completed, will be grown over with wild vines: a pleasing prospect for those passing by.

Provision of auxiliary power supply

A stable, fully secured supply of power for the internal infrastructure: essential prerequisites for the operation of a substation.

The circuit breakers and disconnectors in the high and medium voltage, the protective devices as well as the measurement and control technology must be supplied without interruption with electrical power of the highest quality.
It’s absolutely essential to have an “auxiliary power supply” as the assurance of remote access to the control centre (and consequently the continuous operation of the network as a whole). And it’s equally essential to have a DC power supply – configured with long-term backup – in order to secure the public power supply in the event of critical grid conditions. After all, such blackouts could have perilous consequences for the population, especially in major conurbations such as Munich.

AC switchgear from the Neuhausen substation
Susbtation’s AC switching system as per IEC 61439

New substation project in Neuhausen

Stadtwerke München (“SWM”)
Munich City Authority

Responsibility for people, for resources and for the environment
The Munich city authority, being one of Germany’s largest municipal corporations, has to supply Munich city and the greater Munich area with electricity, gas, remote heating, remote cooling and fresh tapwater: 24/7.

From day to day, SWM (Munich City Authority) is shaping the future of Munich. The objective is to maintain and further develop the quality of life in Munich and the region. The expansion of renewable energies, innovation and digitalisation play a central role in this.

Investments in new technologies – combined with the expansion and modernisation of existing structures – will make the production, distribution and storage of energy fit to meet future requirements.


220 V and 60 V DC power supply system for the substation – with consumer distribution
220 V and 60 V DC power supply system for the substation – with consumer distribution
DC switching system for 220 V and 60 V, configured in a user-friendly design
DC switching system for 220 V and 60 V, configured in a user-friendly design
Gas Insulated Switchgear for apply in industrial zone at power plant

“BENNING has been recognised by Stadtwerke München (SWM) as a quality manufacturer in the power plant sector and in the area of distribution grids for many decades. Thanks to the partnership-based cooperation, we were able to provide the transformer station’s own power supply on time for our project in Neuhausen. The man-machine interface with 10” touch display and the attractive cabinet design in particular demonstrate the high technical standard of BENNING systems and the company’s innovative strength.”

Project management of SWM

Most economically viable solution

BENNING took on the challenge of constructing a reliable power supply system for the highly modern Neuhausen substation. In June 2022, when the invitation to tender for the AC auxiliary switching system (with battery-supported DC power supply system) was put out, BENNING participated in the competition to win the order for the supply, installation and commissioning of all of the required components. In September 2022, SWM having conducted an intensive analysis of the tendered technical solution and taking account of the financial considerations, decided to award the order to BENNING in recognition of their solution, which was the most economically viable one.

Rapid planning, continuous execution

Over the weeks that followed, it was possible to hold discussions with the client’s representatives responsible for construction, whilst the technical details around plant specification were discussed on the basis of local conditions. In this context, the designers paid particular attention to achieving precisely the right specification for the AC switching system, and this is crucially significant for all of the components of the transformer substation.

Having rapidly clarified the relevant details, BENNING was able, no later than by the end of October, to present the project team with the plant installation plan required for the configuration of the raised floor. In February 2023, once the detailed circuit diagrams had been completed, the approval documentation was submitted; and work began with construction of the plant on site.

And it was no later than by the beginning of July 2023 that works acceptance was awarded, following completion of the AC and DC power supply systems. This was conducted entirely as the client preferred it: on a time-saving basis – video-conferencing – thus avoiding the need for travelling.

Gas-insulated high-voltage busbars in an industry plant

“Just-In-Time” installation

It was necessary to stick to the stipulated, tightly scheduled project plan governing the on-site construction and commissioning, in order to make it possible for work to begin very promptly on all of the subsequent project stages.

Accordingly, once the power supply systems had gained works acceptance, their massive weight and bulk meant that they had to be delivered on-site directly by articulated HGVs. On-site plant installation began in mid-August, and was promptly completed in September, after approximately 4 weeks, to the entire satisfaction of the project management team.

With the formal acceptance procedure now also completed, BENNING had fulfilled all of the requirements entailed in the subsequent installation of the modern high-voltage switching system.

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