BELATRON modular T2 E-Mobility charging stations

30 – 480 kW DC and 22 kW AC • for all current types of electric vehicle • Charging voltages of up to 1000 V • intuitive and reliable operation • flexible component concept • efficiency ≥ 96% • Quick charging systems (HPC)

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For every place of use an economical solution

BELATRON modular T2 charging systems cover the entire bandwidth of E-Mobility applications, starting from:

BELATRON modular T2 - Characteristics

Flexible component concept

  • multiple configuration options, e.g. for use in the form of a wall-box, a charging stand or a split system

Quick charging systems

  • equipped with up to two DC charging connectors with the option of a 22 kW AC Type 2 connector

Charging voltages of up to 1000 V

  • can be used for all standard market types of electric vehicle

Modular system architecture

  • straightforward output scaling from 30 to 480 kW*
  • short servicing & repair times, together with high system availability thanks to modules with hot- swap capability and redundancy characteristics*

Protection types

  • Protection against dust and water splash

360° service concept

  • avoids downtimes and extends systems’ service life

* from 60 kW upwards

High energy efficiency

Efficiency of 30 kW BELATRON modular output module

Constant charge rate

30 kW BELATRON modular T2 charging system – high efficient and flexible

The BELATRON modular T2 (30 kW) casing, configured as a wall- box, is designed for outdoor applications (IP 54) and comes with a highly efficient 30 kW output module. There is the choice of wall-mounted installation or as a stand-alone system.

It is also obtainable as a mobile charger, e.g. for the maximum of versatility when used in workshops or vehicle depots. An additional AC charger unit can be aquired as an option.

30 kW type – particular characteristics:

  • constant 30 kW DC @ 150 - 1000 V
  • option of 22 kW AC
  • IP 54 protection type
  • OCPP 1.6 J
  • available (optional) as a mobile charging unit for workshop businesses

60 kW BELATRON modular T2 Ladesystem – High availability via redundancy

As a rule, BELATRON modular T2 charging systems are con- ceived with an output upwards of 60 kW in a modular design with redundancy characteristics. Consequently, even if one out- put section fails, they can still be operated (albeit at a reduced charging power) by relying on the remaining 30 kW output module until such time as it is possible to repair the unit.

Ideal for use in car parks attached to:

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Commercial companies and shops
  • Customer car parks in general

60 kW type – particular characteristics:

  • constant 60 kW DC @ 150 - 1000 V
  • option of 22 kW AC
  • IP 55 protection type
  • OCPP 1.6 J

180 kW BELATRON modular T2 charging system - fast charging up to 180 kW DC

The operation of the BELATRON modular T2 (180 kW) can be scaled to any desired output of between 60 kW and 180 kW, in steps of 30 kW. There is also the option of future expansion (pay as you grow).

This system is particulary suitable for:

  • Car parks with varying densities of user frequency and Short stay times, such as in the customer car parks belonging to hypermarkets, discount stores, furniture shops or shopping malls

Typ 180 kW – particular characteristics:

  • constant 180 kW DC @ 150 - 1000 V
  • option of 22 kW AC
  • IP 55 protection type
  • OCPP 1.6 J

480 kW BELATRON modular T2 – Split system with a small installation footprint

If the available installation space for charging systems is at a premium, then the BELATRON modular T2 Split system (480 kW) series is an ideal option.
The split system consists of 3 small split charging stands each with a maximum of three charging points (2× DC, 1× AC) and a decentralised control cabinet. This will house up to 16 modules each with its own output of 30 kW, delivering constant output of as much as 480 kW DC.

The split system is designed for space saving applications in car parks and other facilities such as:

  • Filling stations and motorway services
  • Hypermarkets, discount stores and shopping malls
  • Bus depots

Typ 480 kW – particular characteristics:

  • constant 480 kW DC @ 150 - 1000 V
  • option of 22 kW AC
  • Enclosures and / or charging stands, IP 55
  • Power block, protection type IP 54
  • OCPP 1.6 J

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