24/7 Hotline & Monitoring

Phone support • Monitoring and Remote Services

Detecting faults before a damage occurs - increase operational safety and reliability and avoid downtimes!

If you wish to monitor your system constantly in order to increase operational safety and reliability or to protect your investment, it is possible to realize an online monitoring (hotline) of your system via the central BENNING control center. Hence, faults are prevented before major damage occurs. If the control centre detects a problem that requires a service call the control centre will coordinate this service using one of BENNING's subsidiaries.


  • Increasing your operational safety and reliability
  • Online monitoring and diagnostics for early fault detection
  • Rapid response times
  • Initiation or recommendation of preventive maintenance before major damage occurs
  • Detailed system information and documentation
  • Maximum process reliability

Hotline - service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

By choosing BENNING's hotline, our contract customers opt for a reliable and quick service around the clock. This service helps you to ensure reliable operation of your power supply systems without any interruptions.

  • technical support and fault clearance by our experienced technical staff – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • dedicated telephone number
  • monitoring your power supply system via the BENNING control center
  • contract-specific arrival times and times to repair
  • provision of spare parts
  • detailed service report immediately after fault clearance

Helpdesk - service according to our customers' demands

Even if you don't opt for the all-round service of BENNING's hotline, you may use the BENNING helpdesk. The helpdesk is a telephone service that is available as free support. The BENNING helpdesk offers professional and competent help via the phone for all our customers. The targeted questions of our multilingual staff will help you to give a precise description of your problem as fast as possible. In order to ensure optimum support for our customers, our helpdesk staff has access to all data sheets, circuit diagrams, project folders and other documents.

Helpdesk phone no.: +49 (0) 28 71 / 93 5 55

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RUS OOO BENNING Power Electronics

+7 4 95 / 9 67 68 50


Domodedovo town,
microdistrict Severny,
"BENNING" estate, bldg.1
142000 Moscow Region
Russian Federation

RUS OOO BENNING Power Electronics
Филиал в г. Санкт-Петербург

+7 812 346 43 66




197136, РФ, г. Санкт-Петербург,
ул. Ординарная, д.20, лит.А, пом. 12Н

RUS OOO BENNING Power Electronics
Филиал в г. Уфа

+ 7 347 274 29 29


+ 7 347 246 33 74




450057, РФ, г. Уфа,
ул. Заки Валиди, д.64/2, офис 406

RUS OOO BENNING Power Electronics
Cлужба технической поддержки

+7 (495) 967 68 50 222




142000, РФ,
г. Домодедово, микрорайон Северный,
владение «Беннинг»,
стр. 1

RUS OOO BENNING Power Electronics
Филиал в г. Новосибирск

+ 7 383 219 52 10




630087, РФ, г. Новосибирск,
ул. Немировича-Данченко, д.165, офис 324