The BENNING Training Center offers a wide variety of training courses with the goal of ensuring high operating safety at the customer's site. This not only includes intensive product training of our own sales and service staff globally, but also the training course of our customers.

Sharing theoretical and practical knowledge is the basis for the safe operation/maintenance of BENNING products. Training classes can be tailored to the existing knowledge of trainees, and can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • proper operation and commissioning
  • creating precise fault descriptions
  • eliminating minor faults
  • specific product line training
  • proper maintenance practices



For each training course, we provide the trainee with detailed documentation to enable them to access this information in practice. The documents are available in German and English. They contain basic information and data sheets concerning the individual devices such as e. g. functional descriptions, circuit diagrams and precise instructions providing step-by-step information for the service staff working on the device.


The documents below are currently for training administered by our global headquarters in Germany. Information on available training courses here in Richardson, TX will be available on our website shortly. Until then, please reach out to either Ed Pack [] or Janet Monk [] for pricing/development/scheduling of training courses.

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